Erika Jayne Breaks Down in Tears Over Divorce and Tom Girardi’s Declining Health

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Erika Jayne sobs over her "lonely" new single life and ex lawyer husband Tom Girardi in a heartbreaking sneak peek.

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Watch: Erika Jayne Believes Tom Girardi Was Unfaithful Before Their Split

Shedding her tears. 

Self-proclaimed "ice queen" Erika Jayne shows she's capable of crying in an especially heartbreaking sneak peek at tonight's The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, airing July 15. The exclusive preview shows Erika confiding in pal Kyle Richards about what really led to her divorce and how she's doing post-split from estranged husband Tom Girardi

"It's lonely and it's quiet, and you would be shocked how quickly people turn on you, how quickly people distance themselves from you," Erika reveals. "Automatically they turn because they don't want to be involved. But they were there when it was good, though." 

In a confessional, Erika further opens up about the tumultuous months since filing for divorce on Nov. 3, 2020.

"Want to know who your friends are? Go broke," Erika explains. "Want to know who your friends are? Go to jail. Want to know who your friends are? Ask them to help you bury a body, I don't know. You'll find out who's there for you."

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Back during her hike with Kyle, the "Pretty Mess" singer even acknowledges Tom's declining health for the first time. "I hope someone is talking to Tom because he's not good," Erika stresses, explaining that she hasn't been in contact with her ex since the day she left him. 

"Tom is a proud man," Erika continues. "One of the reasons I filed for divorce is the resistance to anything. The resistance to a conversation, the resistance to, 'Hey, you know, I noticed that you can't see well.'" 

Erika, speaking as her lawyer ex, adds, " 'What are you talking about, I'm fine!' No, you can't see well. You can't hear. You're f––king degrading in front of me and you're ignoring it," she recalls. 

Watch the emotional clip above to hear more of why Erika ultimately left Tom after over 20 years together. 

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