Juno Temple's Tearful Response to Her Emmy Nomination Will Warm Your Heart

Watch Ted Lasso's Juno Temple fight back tears after learning of her Emmy nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series.

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Watch: Exclusive: "Ted Lasso" Star Tears Up Reacting to Emmy Noms

Teamwork makes the dream work!

Ted Lasso's Juno Temple declared this very belief on Tuesday, July 13 after learning that she had been nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series at the 2021 Emmys. And, as she exclusively told E! News, this nod meant even more as Ted Lasso nabbed a total of 20 nominations.

"What the hell! It's unbelievable," she gushed. "I'm still processing it. I'm just so proud of this team of humans that made this show. I'm so proud to be a part of it."

As she continued, the actress, who plays model-turned-communications expert Keeley Jones, called the cast and crew "a proper family," adding, "The joy that it, I think, fills our lives with bleeds into the show."

In fact, Juno revealed that making the Apple TV+ series doesn't even feel like a job. "It sometimes feels like therapy," she admitted. "Keeley is a character that has taught me to be kinder to myself when I've needed it badly."

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So, it's understandable that the Atonement actress is grateful to co-creator Jason Sudeikis for letting her step into Keeley's high heels.

Just when we thought the conversation couldn't get more heartwarming, Juno let herself get emotional while sharing how she learned of her Emmy nomination. "I couldn't have gotten it more perfectly," she said while fighting back tears. "My whole team FaceTimed me. My team that I've been working with since I was 17-years-old."

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At this moment, Juno broke down in tears and explained how much their belief in her has meant. "I am so lucky to have the team of people that work with me that I do," she gushed. "Because they've had such faith in me when I don't have it in myself. So, this feels like something for all of us."

What made the reveal even more fabulous? Juno was wrapped in a leopard print blanket as she received the award news. How Keeley of her!

Though her team was her first call of the day, Juno noted that she did share a touching moment with co-star Hannah Waddingham. "That woman is a g--damn godsend," she added. "I couldn't wish to go through anything like this with anybody cooler, anybody more inspirational and I couldn't be more proud to share this moment with a woman as spectacular as her."

She went on to recap this whole experience as "f--king cool."

Watch Juno's emotional reaction for yourself in the exclusive interview above.

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For more of Juno and the rest of the Ted Lasso cast, catch the season two premiere July 23 on Apple TV+.

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