David Harbour Says Lily Allen Fell in Love With Him When He Was at His "Worst" Physically

David Harbour recently revealed that wife Lily Allen "honestly has some mixed feelings" about his weight-loss after she began dating him when he said he looked his "worst."

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Watch: Lily Allen & David Harbour's Las Vegas Wedding

Love is blind...

And no, we're not talking about the Netflix dating series, but instead, a Netflix star's real-life experience. David Harbour recently pulled back the curtain and shared more insight into his relationship with Lily Allen, who he secretly married in September 2020 after nearly a year of dating.

According to the Stranger Things actor, the Grammy winner fell in love with him when he looked his "worst" physically. Speaking to The New York Times, the Black Widow actor opened up about his body transformation for the Marvel film and how it all happened just as he started dating Lily.

"It's a true testament to my undeniable charisma when I say that my wife met me at 280 pounds with this beard and this hair," he told the publication. "We went on a date at the Wolseley [restaurant] in London, and she really fell for me at my worst, physically and hair-wise."

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The 46-year-old star revealed that as he began to tone up for the action-packed film—something he said he did after shooting the flashback scenes first—his wife had "mixed feelings" about his 60-pound weight loss.

"So as the thing went on, I started losing the weight and working out. And she honestly has some mixed feelings about it," David admitted. "Which is a good place to be in a relationship. It's really good to start the relationship from that part, as opposed to being the young, handsome buck and watching yourself degenerate over the years."

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In just two months, David and Lily will celebrate their one-year wedding anniversary after getting hitched in Las Vegas last September. The couple, who has been mostly private about their romance, gave fans a peek inside their Sin City ceremony on social media—in which an Elvis Presley impersonator officiated their wedding.

As David captioned his Instagram post at the time, "In a wedding officiated by the king himself, the people's princess wed her devoted, low born, but kind credit card holder in a beautiful ceremony lit by the ashen skies courtesy of a burning state miles away in the midst of a global pandemic... Refreshments were served at a small reception following."

Lily, who wore a '60s inspired Dior dress, also shared photos of their delicious meal from In-n-Out.

Back in December, David detailed his life as a married man and stepdad to the 36-year-old singer's two kids, Ethel, 9, and Marnie Rose, 8, whom she shares with ex Sam Cooper.

"I'm in a relationship with three women who all have very different opinions of me at various times," he quipped in an interview with People. "Making that kind of a commitment, which I haven't for most of my life, was a huge thing for me. And it just makes you feel a little bit more like a man, to be honest. I just feel a little bit more like an adult."


The Netflix star confessed that stepping into this "family role" has changed his outlook on fatherhood. He joked that it's even made him feel "every cliché from every sitcom you've ever heard."

"It's a cliché that we make fun of constantly in television and in books and I had always watched it with a grain of salt going, 'Eh, whatever, it's not the real deal,'" he said. "And now I am in it. That sort of hits it on the head."

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