See Husband-Swapping BFFs Take a Naked Bath Together in Sexy You, Me & My Ex Sneak Peek

TLC's You, Me & My Ex reinvents what it means to move on from a relationship. This over-the-top clip features former neighbors who went from receiving death threats to bath time besties.

By Samantha Bergeson Jul 09, 2021 3:00 PMTags

Wives that bathe together, stay together. Except these wives aren't married to each other...just have shared the same husband. 

In a hilariously steamy You, Me & My Ex sneak peek from the Sunday, July 11 episode, fans meet a truly unique blended family that went from neighbors to bitter exes to BFFs.

Bear with us: the TLC episode follows John, his ex-wife Loren and new wife April. Loren and John have three children together, and previously lived next door to April and her then-husband, Roy, also parents of three. As the couples grew closer, April and John ended up falling in love...and leading to two sets of divorces.

Now, Loren and April are surprisingly best friends—BFFs that even take bubble baths together and have lingerie-clad pillow fights.

So where is this neighborhood again?! 

April explains in the exclusive clip above that she mended things with Loren for the sake of their children. The duo even co-host a podcast together, Co-Parenting Past Chaos. "I went to Loren and said, 'We have something here,'" April remembers. "We managed to come out of the fire without being too badly burned, and I feel like it's our job, really, to help other families do the same...The bad things that happened to us made us into what we are now, the women we are now, the friends we are now." 

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To drum up more buzz around their joint venture, BFFs April and Loren opt for sexy photoshoots. "We really wanted to create the photos to catch peoples' attention and pull them into our story," April continues. 

Loren adds, "Nothing catches peoples' attention more than a little shock and awe like being in a bathtub together." 

Even though Loren was originally "jealous" after her husband left her for April, she also has "fallen in love" with her former neighbor. "[John] was, in my mind, allowing another woman to step in on my territory," Loren reveals about April. "Somewhere along the road we just fell in love and became best friends."


But John isn't too keen on Loren and April's relationship. After coming home to seeing his wife and ex-wife naked in a bubble bath drinking champagne together, John says he "doesn't understand" it. 

"Where are your feet at?" John asks both women.

"In her vagina currently," April jokes. "That's all that's gripping me." 

As John sums up, "It started off with death threats. Now it's like, say I love you at nighttime, BFFs." 

Watch the sexy clip above to see for yourself!

You, Me & My Ex airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on TLC.

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