Reese Witherspoon and Dakota Fanning Just Gave Us More Hope for a Sweet Home Alabama Sequel

Days after Josh Lucas said he'd love to do a Sweet Home Alabama sequel, Reese Witherspoon took to Instagram and shared photos from the original movie. But what does it all mean?

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Why would you want a Sweet Home Alabama sequel anyhow? So, we can watch it anytime we want. 

While there's no word on if a follow-up to the 2002 charmer will ever be made, the stars of the original film have been giving fans flashbacks to the beloved rom-com and keeping them wanting more. 

For Throwback Thursday on July 8, for instance, Reese Witherspoon took to Instagram and posted photos from the scene where her character Melanie calls off her wedding to fiancé Andrew (Patrick Dempsey) after realizing she's still legally married to and head over heels for her first love Jake (Josh Lucas). Putting followers' script knowledge to the test, the 45-year-old Oscar winner then asked, "Do you remember what she said?" 

Did Melanie say yes to Andrew's any-Tiffany-diamond-you-want proposal? Uh, duh. 

Of course, true fans were able to cite the line with ease, and one of the correct guessers was none other than Dakota Fanning, who played Melanie during the character's childhood days. 

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"The truth is I gave my heart away a long time ago, my whole heart," the 27-year-old actress wrote in the comments section, "and I never really got it back."

Needless to say, her reply brought back all the movie nostalgia, with Witherspoon replying, "Love you, little Melanie."

And some fans couldn't help but hope that this was all a sign.

"@Joshlucas talked about being interested in a sequel, now Reese posted this," one commenter wrote. "Could it be??" Another joked Melanie "said 'make the sequel already!!'"

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The post comes two days after Lucas said he'd "love" to do a sequel one day if Witherspoon has the time. 

"The issue is Reese has got a book club. And I'm saying that, like, laughingly," he said while talking about her empire on SiriusXM's Pop Culture Spotlight With Jessica Shaw. "I've heard, like, 'Oh, you can talk to her about stuff five years from now'…She's a mogul."

The 50-year-old actor noted he always knew Witherspoon would achieve great success. "Back when I was doing Sweet Home Alabama, I for some reason remember telling the director or somebody…'I bet this woman ends up running a movie studio one day,'" Lucas added. "And she's even beyond that at this point. I mean, she's her own version of Oprah Winfrey now, right? And it's extraordinary and not surprising, either at all."

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So what would the sequel be about anyhow? "The proposal that Andy Tennant, the director, had, which is quite interesting, is that my character is back in Alabama and Reese is actually, her character is in New York with our kids and we're divorced. So, their whole life is super complicated. And Patrick Dempsey's character is still in the picture," he told Good Morning America in 2019. "But that's just the proposal."

Well hell's bells...

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