This Story of a Fan's Run-In With Kate Middleton and Her Son Is Royally Adorable

A fan was just walking down the street in London when she spotted "a young boy on a bike racing" towards her and his mother behind him, who just so happened to be two members of the royal family.

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It was a typical morning for Mayleen Ramey—until she had the "most random" and "epic 'celeb spotting'" in London.

"It started as a grumpy day," the tennis travel host tweeted on June 30, recapping the events. "I was stressed and sleep-deprived, grumbling to myself as a [sic] dragged my sleepy bum to dance class in Hyde Park."

As she approached the Queen's Gate entrance of the park, Ramey saw "a young boy on a bike racing" towards her on the sidewalk, "gleefully saying 'I can't go slower!' as his Mom chases inches behind" him. 

"As I do when I see all kids," the former E! News Now correspondent continued, "I break into a grin and say a big 'hiiii!' as he zooms by." 

It wasn't long before Ramey recognized the familiar faces. "It takes me about half a second to realize this adorable boy and his Mom are faces I've seen thousands of times," she added. "I then notice a breathless, masked man in a suit running after the two, clearly having been outpaced. I stop for a second to register this random, magical, royal I've just had an almost literal run-in with HRH Duchess Kate Middleton and Prince George! On a sidewalk! In the middle of London!!"

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Needless to say, Ramey was pretty star-struck. "I then immediately gasp in horror as I realize I've probably broken all Royal protocol by yelling out 'hiii' to the third in line to the throne," she continued. "I walk away, elated & embarrassed. What started as a [thumbs down emoji] day turned into one I'll never forget. Thank you @KensingtonRoyal."

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge/Kensington Palace/PA/WPA Pool/Shutterstock

Ramey's story of the near royal "run-in"—"we almost collided"—quickly caught the attention of social media users. 

"I've been so surprised as to how people have responded to it (mostly) in such a positive way," she exclusively told E! News. "But it goes to show how highly they're regarded and adored—how such a small moment meant so much to me and others."

The TV presenter acknowledged it was a "quick interaction" that lasted "only about 10 seconds" and was "a lot to take in" as she was "processing it simultaneously." As she put it, "I didn't even realize the young boy I was yelling hi to was a Prince!"

Although, some have suggested Ramey may have seen Prince Louis instead of his 7-year-old brother. The Duchess of Cambridge did, after all, post a photo of her and Prince William's youngest child sitting on a red bicycle ahead of his third birthday last April.

"Apparently, I've been told that it was probably Prince Louis!" Ramey continued. "It looked like the security guard was about 10-12 feet behind them, maybe giving them space. But when the little prince took off on his bike, they all started running after him as he sped down the sidewalk! She [Kate] looked way better and more put together than I did that morning."

All in all, it was an experience Ramey will never forget. "I am definitely a royal fan too!" she noted. "I never thought it would this! I didn't think they would be strolling along like everyone else. I went home and Googled royal etiquette after since I'd obviously gotten it allllll  wrong. I will be prepared if it happens again! Curtsy and all!!"

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