Bachelorette's Hannah Brown Asks for "Prayers" After Suffering Neck Injury From a Fall

Hannah Brown took to social media on June 30 to ask fans for "prayers" and reveal she's unable "to do anything" following an injury to her neck.

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Hannah Brown is definitely not in beast mode at the moment. 

The 26-year-old former lead of The Bachelorette posted an image to her Instagram Story on Wednesday, June 30 that shows her recuperating in bed after having apparently suffered a recent neck injury. In the photo, the erstwhile beauty pageant contestant is cradling a Monsters, Inc. plush toy. 

"Monday night I fell and hurt my neck," Hannah wrote. "I've been super nauseous from the pain and not really able to do anything."

The reality TV star added, "Send some prayers and healing energy my way." She also included a face-with-cold-sweat emoji. 

Hannah has yet to share specifics about how she hurt herself, or whether she's feeling any better than she was. A bit later in the day, she shared video footage to her Story of herself and boyfriend Adam Woolard enjoying a recent trip to Nashville. 

Back in February, the star opened up on Instagram about discomfort she endured amid pressure she had put on herself to look a certain way while competing in pageants. 

Bachelorette Hannah Brown's Best Clapbacks

"I remembered I was hungry. I was so, so hungry," she shared about her diet regimen at that time. "As soon as I stopped [dieting], after the pageant, I was literally starving... all the weight came back on and more. That was really hard for me... that started the constant yo-yo that I've had for so long."


She added at the time, "I just messed my metabolism up so bad because it was always an extreme."

Check out a screenshot from Hannah's recent post, above. 

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