Here's Proof Amanda Seyfried and Her Dog Finn Are Hollywood's Most Loyal Companions

The bond between Amanda Seyfried & her canine sidekick has captivated hearts for years, but did you know she even includes him in her work contracts? Read on for more about their unique relationship!

By McKenna Aiello Jun 26, 2021 7:00 PMTags
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Amanda Seyfried and Finn, a Hollywood love story for the ages. 

The Oscar nominated actress' once-in-a-lifetime bond with her rescue pup is well known by fans, so much so that Finn even has his own popular Instagram page! Amanda first met the Australian Shepherd on set of HBO's Big Love, which ran from 2006 to 2011, and he's stuck by her side ever since. 

In fact, the Mamma Mia! star revealed in 2016 that every one of her contracts includes a clause that allows Finn to come to set with her. E! News is told Finn often waits patiently to hear the director yell cut before greeting his mom between scenes. Talk about a good boy!

As Amanda described to E! News in an interview, "The amazing connection I share with Finn has made me appreciate being present and to not take any moment you have with the people and animals you love for granted." 

Amanda Seyfried's Best Looks

Check out some precious photos of Amanda and Finn in our gallery below!


Life's far from ruff for the Mamma Mia! star and her beloved canine. 

Ready For His Closeup

Camera shy? Never! 

Part of the Pack

Finn bonds with Amanda's children, 4-year-old Nina and her son, who was born in the fall of 2020.

Woman's Best Friend

Name a more dynamic duo. We'll wait. 

Third Wheeling

Sorry Thomas Sadoski, but there's only room for two.

Happy Halloween!

You'll never lose a package in the mail when Finn is on the clock. 


"The last 10 years were the only years of my life," Amanda captioned this 2019 Instagram post. "Happy birthday, my guy." 

Double Trouble

Good boy, Finn!

Pampered Pup

It's rare to see Amanda without her loyal sidekick.

Say Cheese

Talk about a Kodak moment. 

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