Kaitlynn Carter Spills on Pregnancy With Kris Brock and Where She Stands With Brody Jenner

The Hills: New Beginnings star Kaitlynn Carter opens up about her pregnancy and how she feels about being on the same show as ex Brody Jenner.

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Lest you worry if any bit of Kaitlynn Carter's love story has been left unwritten, The Hills: New Beginnings star got candid about her off-camera life during a recent episode of the Hillcast podcast. That included, of course, her recent pregnancy news.

"It's something that I wanted for so long, that when I found out that I was actually pregnant, I was really surprised, in a good way of course," the 32-year-old expressed of learning she was expecting her first child with boyfriend Kristopher Brock. "Also, it took me a while to really absorb it. I'm just really excited. I've been really lucky -- I haven't had sickness or anything like that." 

Carter met Brock, who has a 6-year-old son, through a mutual friend while she was staying at the Surfrider Hotel in Malibu for a weekend in summer 2020.

"We did a little outdoor dinner and it worked out," she said. "It wasn't so much the timing as the right person coming along."

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Because after ending her 5-year romance with Brody Jenner in 2019, she knew exactly what she wanted out of a partner—and she made that clear with Brock early on. Noting it "was really important" that she find someone who wanted the same things and had the same goals, she revealed. "We kind of got to the conversation about having kids where we stood with all of that really quickly," she said. "We were definitely on the same page. Like, 'Hey let's go for it. And see what happens.'"

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Clearly a sound strategy. "It's funny how when you relax and don't have all these expectations and plans, how things come together better," Carter noted. "Kris was such a pleasant surprise. I feel like I was trying the least, [was] when everything finally came together the way I hoped it would."

Cheering on her relationship from the sidelines is ex Jenner, with Carter explaining that they both moved on "a long time ago."

Now, she continued, "He and I are really close. There's nothing he's saying on the show that I haven't heard him say in real life. We have a very transparent relationship."

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