How Batwoman Inspired Javicia Leslie to Come Out to Her Mom as Bisexual

By Samantha Bergeson Jun 24, 2021 6:24 PMTags

This caped crusader doesn't wear a mask.

Batwoman star Javicia Leslie exclusively shared on E! News' Daily Pop on June 24 just how much the CW series has changed her life. After stepping into the titular role earlier this year, Leslie gushed to co-hosts Justin Sylvester and Morgan Stewart about why the famed DC superhero inspired her off-screen to come out as bisexual to her mother.

Leslie's Batwoman is part of LGBTQ+ community, and Leslie had more in common with her character than just her fighting skills. "For me, I never felt like I had to hide anything," Leslie opened up. "That wasn't really where I was coming from, I just hadn't had a conversation so I just wanted to talk to my mom about it because I was living my life. I just wanted to be able to talk to her so she didn't have to be told through the media."

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Additionally, Leslie hoped to inspire other fans to embrace their identities. "I wanted to be able to talk to kids about being their truest version of themselves," Leslie continued. "And so the only way I could do that is to completely be who I am and be the truest version of myself." 

Yet, there is a double standard surrounding sexual orientation: "It's also not fair, no one has to come out and say that they are straight," Leslie continued. "Why does someone have to come out and say they're anything else? Why can't I just exist?"

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Taking on the role of Batwoman was an easy decision for Leslie, who grew up "as a huge Batman fan." She even had a mixed martial arts background! 

"I already did that before I was hired for the job," Leslie revealed. "It was more like I was able to speak the language when the stunt coordinators had to teach me the fights...It was really easy for us to be able to do things like this, really quickly." 

From donning the "epic" suit to being part of the "Batman family forever," it's clear Leslie loves her job. Watch the sweet interview above!

And tune in to the Batwoman season three finale on Sunday, June 27 on The CW.

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