Jessica Chastain Proves She’s “F—kin Sick” of the Bryce Dallas Howard Comparisons in Hilarious Video

After years of being mistaken for fellow actress Bryce Dallas Howard, Jessica Chastain showed her sense of humor by poking fun at the comparisons.

By Kisha Forde Jun 24, 2021 12:10 PMTags
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"This isn't the Parent Trap, y'all."

Jessica Chastain recently made a must-see TikTok about constantly being mistaken for Bryce Dallas Howard and the result is hilarious.

The Zero Dark Thirty actress made a short video singing along to the popular TikTok song, "Sick of It." While mouthing the lyrics "I'm f—kin' sick of it," her caption read, "When you spend 20 years building a career and they still think you work at Jurassic Park."
The funny caption is a nod to her eerie resemblance to actress Bryce Dallas Howard, who has starred in the Jurassic Park film installments, and coincidentally also co-starred with her in The Help.
She also cleverly captioned the post, "This isn't the Parent Trap, y'all."
The Interstellar actress also ended the video with a huge grin—proving that the clip is just a friendly reminder for us all.
The uncanny look-alike comparison between the two is far from new. After a YouTube musical about the Jessica-Bryce comparison (only for Bryce to later post her own epic response video) went viral in 2015, the stars connected and agreed that they "need to use this power for good, and do a movie together playing sisters." 

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And not only are audiences sometimes subject to the mix-up, but even family doesn't get it quite right. Even director Ron Howard once mistook Jessica for his own daughter, Bryce.


This isn’t the parent trap y’all

? Sick Of It - KingDiaaa2

Jessica told AP in 2019 that the mishap took place at an Apple Store, sharing, "I was, like, walking by, I was like, 'Oh, that's Ron Howard.' And then my friend was with me [and] said he turned to someone, he goes, 'I think I just saw Bryce.' We look so much alike."

Bryce later confirmed that the story was in fact, true in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, saying her dad was "shook. He really was."

"At first he was like, ‘You really look so much alike.' And I mean, obviously, I'm incredibly flattered, so it's great," she continued. "Although something is wrong when people stop mistaking me for her. I'll be like, ‘Gotta get it together. I mean, but we do resemble one another. I love it."

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