John Cena Admits Getting Into a Fistfight at His Brother's Wedding That Forced Everyone to Go Home

F9 star John Cena revealed he got into a drunken fistfight with a family member that shut down his own brother's wedding.

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John Cena once gave a wedding gift that didn't keep on giving. In fact, he found a way to deliver the nuptials' "something black-and-blue."

The 44-year-old star visited The Tonight Show on Wednesday, June 23 to promote his new film F9, hitting theaters on Friday, June 25. During the sit-down, the wrestler revealed he once paid for his brother's wedding to have an open bar, but the gesture backfired when this liquid courage led him and another brother to come to blows and bring the reception to a swift end. 

This story came up due to host Jimmy Fallon asking the Blockers performer if he'd ever been involved in a wedding fail, with John replying, "I think that's something, kind of, we all have."

John then proceeded to share an anecdote involving two of his younger brothers that perhaps not everyone can quite relate to. "Mine was my brother Matt's wedding," he continued. "I thought it would be a nice gesture to open the bar. Drinks are on me, that's my gift to the bride and groom. Nobody would have to pay for anything."

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Alas, the present proved to be a problematic one as the night wore on, and he and a different brother, Dan, caused some serious trouble. 

"So, I found out it was a mistake when my brother Dan and I got into a fistfight in the middle of the dance floor and closed the wedding down," John recalled, leading to Jimmy's stunned laughter.

The guest then explained why, despite this cutting the festivities short, his family members were not particularly fazed. "You could tell, right then and there, who were guests, and who were a member of the Cena family," he quipped. "Because the guests were like, 'What are you gonna do to stop it?' and the Cena family's like, 'No, no, let 'em figure it out. Let 'em do it.'"

Check out the simultaneously hilarious yet terrifying story in the above video, and ask yourself why everyone can't just do the "Chicken Dance." 

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