Watch the Cast of Too Hot to Handle Dish on the "Devastating" Season Two Twist

The stars of Netflix's Too Hot to Handle reality dating competition play a round of superlatives while spilling on what it really was like to not get intimate. Watch the hilarious interview.

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Watch: "Too Hot to Handle" Season 2 Cast Plays Superlatives

There's no summer of love here...or is there? 

Netflix's hit reality dating competition Too Hot to Handle returns for season two today, June 23 and as a slew of sexy singles try to refrain from getting intimate, they all have their eyes set on a whopping $100,000 prize.

Yet the beloved series that made fans swoon over Francesca Farago and Harry Jowsey's love story has a new twist this year: The cast believed they signed up for a new steamy show called Parties in Paradise. After 12 hours, faux host Jeff Dye reveals that their expected summer romances are thwarted and they are all actually on Too Hot to Handle. And yes, Lana is back to make sure there is no sexy time allowed! 

"I was under the impression that I was going to hook up with a bunch of guys, drink, party, and then you hear the 'da ding,'" fan favorite Emily exclusively tells E! News. "I can't describe it any other way apart from devastating."

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Cast member Kayla adds, "Oh my god, it's just a whole whirlwind of emotions. We were all so shocked, we didn't know what to think. I thought it was a joke. They said we had a celebrity visiting us and then Lana pops up, so it's crazy." 

For star Melinda, she was "pissed" at the big reveal. There's no hot girl summer! "It was a cold and depressing winter," she quips.


The contestants lose a staggering $21,000 within the first 24 hours with a total of seven rule breaks—that includes kissing! "I thought at some point we all thought the whole point was to lose the money," resident jokester Peter reflects. 

Leading man Cam jokes, "We were just like, 'We can't keep losing money. We're all going to get kicked off. We're not good people!'"

We tend to disagree. Get to know more about the lovable cast in the photo gallery below, and see which Too Hot to Handle cast members spilled on superlatives for their co-stars in the interview above!

Let's just say, Lana might not approve. 


British gentleman Cam describes himself as a "sexy nerd" with reservations about romance. But will he be the biggest rule-breaker of them all? 


London-based beauty Emily jokes that she's a "cougar," so will the model meet her match in a younger man? 


Brooklyn model Melinda has her eye on one particular contestant, but remains skeptical about letting her heart open. "No one owns me. I own me, because I'm a firecracker," she states. "I need a guy to adore me. I need compliments."


Canadian-born Carly prefers "one night hangouts" to long-term relationships and also despises rules. "I'm here to have fun," the self-professed "man-eater" coos. "I am not here to be in a relationship or find someone to fall in love with."

According to her co-stars, Carly is the biggest flirt. She's even called "Kissy Carly" by Emily!


Frenchman Marvin has plenty of friends—and lovers—on the island. 


TikTok personal trainer Peter has left his Staten Island roots behind but is still stirring things up in a tropical paradise. Watch out for Peter, Cam and Nathan as the funniest trio! 


Kayla works as a model and bartender, however she's now looking for the picture perfect man to stir her drink. 


Nathan may look like a typical Dallas cowboy but he's anything but! "Have you ever seen Magic Mike? That's what I do," the sexy stripper says in his native British accent. Since this Texan transplant has had his heartbroken before, Nathan believes he deserves to have a wild ride.



Is Larissa the real-life Legally Blonde? Even though she's a lawyer, this Aussie has the dirtiest mind of the bunch. "Her mind is absolute filth," co-star Cam joked.



Professional football player Chase has his eye on the $100,000 prize, but will his determination to stay chaste sway after meeting a surprise new arrival? 


Yes, Lana is back to squash any sexual desires! 

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