Chloe Trautman's Goodbye Video to Siesta Key Will Leave You Speechless

In a video message to her cast members, Chloe Trautman explained why she is done being part of MTV’s Siesta Key for the time being. See how her co-stars reacted.

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Goodbye drama and hello peace.

After much thought and consideration, Chloe Trautman decided to step away from Siesta Key. And in a sneak peek at the June 16 episode, viewers are finally able to see how she told the cast.

"To my fellow cast members of Siesta Key, it's hard to put into words what the last four years have meant to me," she began in a video message. "While I have shed some tears on the show, looking back, I know now I was shedding layers and layers of myself so that I could be the clearest, purest channel that God intended me to be."

The reality star continued, "Have any of you ever thought as to why alcohol is 12 spirits? It's because it's the number one way it kills your spirit. Being around a ton of alcohol and s--t talking on people are all things that truly do not align with who I am now. I tried to stick with it, but you can only place yourself in a toxic environment for so long until you have your breaking point." 

While Chloe tried to hold back tears and keep her composure, she couldn't help but slip up in the middle of her video.

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"I pray you can somewhat understand why I am doing this," she shared before pausing to yell, "Ride your f--king bike, kid" at a stranger. Oops.

"Remember, love is the most powerful energy of them all. We are all love. The light in me recognizes the light within all of you," the Concept by Chloe blogger continued. "Farewell everyone, it's truly been a pleasure."

So, what did the cast think of the video they received while vacationing on a private island? As it turns out, Chloe's friends had a wide variety of emotions.

While Kelsey Owens and Madisson Hausburg wiped away tears, Juliette Porter appeared annoyed.

Chloe Trautman/Instagram

"That's so dramatic," she declared. "Like she's so judgmental lately. I'm like so annoyed about this. I really struggled being supportive of this journey when I really feel like she's lost."

But in an interview with E! News back in May, Juliette expressed her support for Chloe's ongoing physical and mental transformation.

"I feel like the people who were skeptic were the ones who didn't truly love her enough and I was worried too," she told E! News. "Does she really mean this or is this just a phase? I told her the other day that she's such a light in my life and she gives me strength when seeing her overcome all of these obstacles and being put in situations that are bad, but continue to stand strong in her values and be who she wants to be and I think that's really powerful."

Siesta Key airs Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. on MTV.

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