Hips Don't Lie In a Shocking Botched Sneak Peek at a Butt Lift Gone Wrong

By Samantha Bergeson Jun 15, 2021 5:00 PMTags
Watch: Woman's Butt Implant Makes Leg Go Numb

Baby got (too much) back!

It's all about Botched booties this week in a sneak peek at tonight's episode on June 15. A patient meets with doctors Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow to fix her problematic backside after a series of wronged surgeries. 

"Take us back to how you got here because I know that you had a lost a bunch of weight," Dr. Dubrow starts. "What did you do? What happened?" 

The female patient explains that she underwent a tummy tuck three years prior, but was told by her plastic surgeon in Mexico to undergo more operations than she expected—or needed.

Dubrow is stunned. "So this gentleman decided to sort of have you consider adding things on?" he asks. "A 'while you're there' situation?"

It turns out she received a thigh lift, tummy tuck, buttock lift and back lift, or as Dubrow puts it, "everything at once." She also received a fat transfer, resulting in a Brazilian butt lift. The only issue is that the procedure was not well thought out. 

Botched Patients Before and After: Shocking Transformations!

"It did not look the way I thought it was going to look," she says, citing a "dented butt" with "flaccid" surrounding skin. 

Dubrow immediately knows the issue. "In general if you're doing a tummy tuck, you don't want to do a buttock procedure because you've got to lie flat on your buttock while you're recovering from the tummy tuck," Dubrow explains. "Or you lie on your stomach to allow your buttock to heal. Either way, one of them is being disrupted."


In fact, her previous doctor even sold her on butt implants moments before surgery. "Red flag," Dubrow shakes his head. "That's an absolute no-no in plastic surgery." 

The implants have caused hip pain and nerve damage.

Can Dr. Dubrow fix her behind once and for all? Watch the shocking clip above ahead of tonight's all-new episode!


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