Rachael Kirkconnell Responds After Matt James Posts Footage of Her "Pitching a Fit" During Argument

Bachelor Nation's Rachael Kirkconnell took to Instagram to offer her side of the story after boyfriend Matt James shared footage of them arguing in the car.

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Matt James and Rachael Kirkconnell are bringing fans along throughout all aspects of their journey, even the "hangry" moments. 

On Thursday, June 10, Matt shared footage to his Instagram Story from the couple's trip to Raleigh, N.C. that showed them bickering in the car as he ate a burger and fries from venerable takeout spot Char-Grill. Rachael appeared to be bothered that the former The Bachelor lead was eating before she had a chance to get food. 

It was unclear as to who was filming them from the backseat of the vehicle, but Matt, 29, added the captions, "You mad?!!" and "LMAOOO! Hangryyy."

In the videos, Rachael, 24, is in the passenger seat while her boyfriend ate his meal in the driver seat. "You didn't ask if I wanted anything, either," Rachael told him. 

Matt replied, "Yeah, I did," leading his girlfriend to respond, "No, you didn't." Matt then said, "I asked if you wanted something from Whole Foods."

Rachael replied, "Where are we? Not Whole Foods." When Matt told her that this was just their "first stop," she followed with, "You've eaten today—I haven't. This should have been our second stop."

Bachelor Nation's Still-Rosy Romances

Matt then reasoned, "This is my first meal. Are you hungry? We have food." At that, Rachael turned away and quietly said, "You're mean. You didn't even ask." 

Later, Matt posted a meme to his Story of a little boy pouting on the couch, and he captioned it, "LMAO! Pitching a FIT." He added that Rachael had told him, "This was me in the car today." 

On her own Instagram Story, Rachael reposted some of the footage, along with the pouting-boy meme. She then shared a conversation she appeared to be having with a friend who had reacted to Matt's videos.

When the friend wrote that they were "dying" after watching the footage, Rachael replied, "HE DIDNT EVEN ASK ME IF I WANTED ONE. called in two burgers for himself after I had been waiting ALL DAY for food. Offered me one of his which had MAYO AND TOMATO !!!! I couldn't." Rachael added a message to her post explaining she hates mayo and tomatoes. 

"don't worry i ate all his fries," she told fans in a caption. 

After that, Rachael shared footage to her own Story of the pair indoors watching Loki from his phone as she rubbed his chest. "back to regularly scheduled programming," she wrote, suggesting that the tension was behind them. 

Prior to these posts, the couple seemed to be having a blissful time together. Earlier in the week, Matt's mom, Patty James, posted pics to Instagram of the couple getting cozy while attending a Carolina Hurricanes playoff hockey game with her.

As fans know, the couple fell in love on Matt's season of The Bachelor that aired earlier this year. They recently rekindled their romance following a brief split due to fallout from racially insensitive images of Rachael that had resurfaced online. 

Neither of the two has yet to comment on Chris Harrison permanently exiting his role this week as franchise host after he defended Rachael's actions during a February interview with Rachel Lindsay

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