Jessica Biel Reacts to Claim She "Can't Be Believably Cast" in This Genre of Movies

Jessica Biel had the laugh last after someone claimed she just wasn't an appropriate actress for films of a certain time period.

By Kaitlin Reilly Jun 10, 2021 10:37 PMTags

Could Jessica Biel exist in a world without WiFi? 

The 7th Heaven alum took to Instagram on June 10 to weigh in on a Twitter user's thoughts about her film career. Twitter user @BrandyLJensen tweeted, "Some people just can't be believably cast in a period piece like sorry Jessica Biel you have a face that knows about text messaging." 

Jessica, who now works behind the scenes as a producer on shows like The Sinner and Cruel Summer, as well as in shows like Limetown, posted a screenshot of the tweet, along with a still from her 2006 period film The Illusionist and another slightly more modern pic of herself from the 2004 movie Cellular. She captioned the post, "Born for wifi." 

Followers weighed in on the debate in the comments section. One wrote, "Disagree! You are perfect for these period movies." Another reminded everyone of Jessica's 1998 holiday movie, writing, "Clearly they have never seen I'll Be Home For Christmas, because the entire plot is built around the limitations of '90s communication devices."

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A third thought the Twitter user had a point, writing, "In all fairness if it ain't Kate Winslet or Kiera Knightley I'm not buying it. I remember thinking the same thing about many actresses."


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While Jessica may or may not be a fit for movies set more than 100 years ago, the mom of two is currently working on a different kind of period piece—err, if you consider the '90s a period of time! Her teen drama series Cruel Summer, which she executive produces, is full of flannel, butterfly clips and other staples of the decade. 


"This is a project that I would have wanted to do if I was their age," Jessica said in a Television Critics Association Zoom session in April. "I would have loved to play one of these characters."

And she'd do it all without a cell. 

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