Cody Simpson Breaks Down His Jaw-Dropping Olympic Diet

For GQ’s first episode of the Real-Life Diet series, Cody Simpson broke down his astounding diet and fitness routine in preparation for this year’s Tokyo Olympics.

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Cody Simpson has been busy preparing to accomplish quite possibly his biggest goal yet.
This month, the 24-year-old star will head to the Australian Olympic trials, where he will compete for a spot at this year's Tokyo Olympics. For the first episode of GQ's Real-Life Diet series, the musician walked the publication through an average day of his typical diet and fitness—and let's just say that he has laser-sharp focus when it comes to sticking to his regimen.
After waking up at his usual time of 5 a.m., he usually makes a wrap filled with peanut butter and banana, which he explained gives him the sugar, protein and carbs he needs to get through his morning practice. Then right after practice, he usually has a protein shake and toast with avocado—but, he also added that he loves to eat fish and veggies, saying, "Just getting a good healthy protein, vegetables and a carb—slow-burning carb that will last me […] keep me full throughout the night."

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Yes, you read that right. After Cody ingests a "slow-burning carb"—that sounds like it's pretty much it for the day. But, before you freak out thinking of how he'll actually make it through the night after that protein-packed lunch, the pop star does admit that he indulges from time to time to keep up with his fitness.


"I probably eat three to four times more than I did before," the athlete confessed. "I try to eat fairly plant based and pescatarian. If I eat red meat or something heavier, I find that the next day I don't train as well."
And even though Cody's regimen sounds like it's in tip-top shape, he does also make a dietary confession that most of us can absolutely relate to when he admits what his favorite food of all time is, sharing, "Fries are my weakness."
Let's be honest—who else can agree?

The Australian singer, who decided in 2019 he would compete again as a professional swimmer, also noted how his fitness and diet change impacted his body. "My body has changed in the sense that I've put on a lot of muscle mass, especially for my events," he shared. "You have to have a certain amount of strength and power to propel yourself through the water."
Not only does Cody rarely eat red meat nowadays, but he also has stopped drinking alcohol altogether. Talk about determination.

"Being relatively sober for months on end is one of the best things you can do for your mental focus," he explained. "It keeps you on point—it keeps you focused. It keeps you clear."
As for how The Masked Singer champion was able to make the transition from performing on stage to performing in the water, he credits his first love of swimming for helping him navigate different areas within his career.
The Anastasia star recalled, "Growing up, swimming taught me a certain kind of discipline and work ethic that I was able to carry into other areas of my life such as music [and] performing on Broadway."

It sounds like with Cody's determination, he'll have no problem diving head-first into the competition.

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