See All My Children Co-Stars Reunite & Relive Their Craziest Soap Opera Moments

The cast of All My Children comes together 10 years after the series finale to break down their most outrageous storylines on E!'s Reunion Road Trip. Watch the iconic sneak peek.

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Watch: ABC Soap Opera Stars Recall Outrageous Storylines

A dream come true. 

Nearly 10 years after All My Children's series finale, fan favorite cast members are reuniting in an iconic way to discuss their favorite (and most outrageous) onscreen soap opera storylines.

In an exclusive sneak peek at Thursday's series premiere of E!'s Reunion Road Trip on June 10, AMC stars Eva LaRue, Cameron Mathison, Jacob Young and Rebecca Budig relive each characters' wildest plot lines. 

"One of my craziest storylines is that Erica Kane (Susan Lucci) stole my baby," LaRue laughs. "One thing about the soap world is that our stories can be a little over the top so you have to have a pretty good sense of humor about things." 

For co-star Young, it was the infamous bomb explosion that stands out to him the most. "I was digging through the same piece of rubble like 20 times going like, 'Does it still look authentic?'" he teases. 

Budig's character Greenlee Smythe even took a tumble on her big day. "I went off a cliff in a wedding gown and was presumed dead," she remembers, before adding that "evil Dr. David" portrayed by Vincent Irizarry miraculously healed her.

Soap Opera Star Romances

All My Children wrapped on ABC in 2011 after 41 years on-air. LaRue appeared on and off from the series between 1993 and 2005; she met pals Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos on set, as well as her late husband John Callahan

"I think the best part about All My Children was that our fans were rabid fans," LaRue explains. "The show had a multigenerational impact...I think it's really embedded in peoples' childhood. This was really a part of my life, this show."

Watch: "Reunion Road Trip: All My Children" Stars Reunite 10 Years Later

LaRue concludes, "I think a lot of us who came through AMC either had moms who watched the show or grew up watching it them so for a lot of us when we got cast on AMC, it truly was a dream come true." 

Check out the clips above and watch the series premiere this Thursday on E!.

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