Botched Patient Says His Mom's IUD Deformed His Nose in the Womb

By Samantha Bergeson Jun 08, 2021 5:00 PMTags
Watch: Man Says Mother's IUD Deformed His Nose in the Womb

Imagine being in pain since birth. 

In an exclusive clip from tonight's Botched episode on June 8, Drs. Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow examine a patient with an "IU-Disaster."

David laments that he's been "living with this nose" for his entire life. "My mother had an IUD and she got pregnant with me so I'm the one percent," he explains. "When I was forming in the womb, somehow the IUD had come and pushed up against my face and deformed my nose." 

Yet Dr. Nassif is wary of the presumed diagnosis: "How would the doctor even know that?" he asks. 

David is convinced the disfigurement is from his mom's choice of birth control. "For the first couple years of my life, my nose had no structure, no cartilage," he reveals.

At age five, David underwent his first reconstructive surgery. He had a second at 13 years old.

"That surgery alone could cause a problem with the growth plates," Dr. Nassif warns. "That might have prohibited some of your growth." 

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By David's teenage years, he developed "cluster headaches" that occur up to three times a month. "It feels like somebody is stabbing an ice pick through your eye and twisting and twisting and it's relentless," David confesses. He even loses his breath while kissing his wife. 


David requests also a cosmetic update just for standard symmetry on his nose. As Dr. Dubrow puts it, David just "wants a more normal nose." 

Will David finally be free of his nasal issues? Watch the clip above to find out! 


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