Mercedes "MJ" Javid Reveals Where Things Stand Between Tommy & Reza Today

By Samantha Bergeson Jun 04, 2021 5:48 PMTags

Calling a truce. 

Shahs of Sunset star Mercedes "MJ" Javid gushed on E! News' Daily Pop today that she has mended the relationship between co-star Reza Farahan and her husband Tommy Freight. In the June 4 episode, MJ explained to co-hosts Justin Sylvester and Lilliana Vazquez that it was at first a rocky start in repairing things. 

"In the beginning it was hard because I just led by my own emotions," MJ opened up. "I wanted to talk to Reza and I reached out and we had this incredible connection. We felt amazing about it. And then I realized I completely isolated Tommy." 

Reza previously filed for a restraining order against MJ's husband amidst their ongoing feud. The Shahs star alleged Tommy vandalized his and Adam Neely's home in May 2019 amongst other claims of threatening messages. By 2021, MJ and Reza decided to move forward with their decades-long friendship, but Tommy wasn't too pleased.

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"He threw his ring," MJ admitted. "He was not OK with it but that was a long time ago, and now I really believe in my heart that I'm so optimistic. Even if it's unrealistic, my goal is for us to do this again, for Tommy and Reza to be able to like [come together] because it's really important."

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MJ and Tommy welcomed son Shams in April 2019 and his birth changed her perspective on holding on to anger. After a life-threatening delivery, MJ explained she still has "PTSD flashbacks."

For now, the idea of baby no. 2 is on the back-burner. "I don't have a definitive answer because the reason why is nothing is guaranteed," MJ revealed of her possible surrogacy plans. "If you find the surrogate and you implant an embryo, it may not take."

Instead MJ is completely devoted to her two-year-old son. "I'm so focused on being good to him and figuring out not to screw that up," she joked. "He's talking and running and going into school...I don't think we can handle [another baby] right now." 

And MJ is still looking fierce post-pregnancy in Nina Parker's eponymous Macy's collection.

Plus, what is MJ's postpartum sex advice for Lilliana? Watch the whole interview for her TMI take on getting it on with a newborn.

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