McLovin Turns 40! See Seth Rogen's Message to the Iconic Superbad Character

Since the legendary Superbad character, McLovin, would have technically turned 40 on June 3, Seth Rogen posted a special message in his honor. Scroll on to see what the actor had to say.

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"It doesn't even have a first name. It just says ‘McLovin!'"
It's truly hard to believe that it's been 14 years since we first laid eyes on arguably the most hilarious fake ID to ever hit the big screen.
In 2007, Seth Rogen teamed up with Evan Goldberg and producer Judd Apatow to write the comical and insanely popular coming-of-age-flick, Superbad. And who could forget when Fogell (played by Christopher Mintz-Plasse) got a fake ID in the film that only bore one now-epic surname: McLovin.
Since McLovin's ID listed his birthday as June 3, it's only right that Seth tweeted out a very special message to his beloved character. "Happy 40th birthday, McLovin," he wrote on Twitter. "(We wrote this joke when we were 14 years old)."
Seth and Evan (who named the characters played by Jonah Hill and Michael Cena after themselves) wrote the comedy as a loose adaptation of their own experiences as high school seniors in Vancouver, Canada in the ‘90s.

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Not only was the teen movie a monster success at the box office, raking in $170 million worldwide, but it's remained a high school comedy staple more than a decade after the initial release.

Christopher, who played Fogell, a.k.a McLovin, still regards his now infamous role with adoration. Back in January, the now 31-year-old actor explained to Fox News the impact of playing that character since he still gets approached about it. "I think it's really... honestly, it's really sweet when people come up to me and like the movie," he shared. "I'm grateful for that role."

However, the Promising Young Woman star also shared that when it comes to talk of a sequel, fans may be disappointed. "I think if that [sequel] were to ever, ever happen, you would need Judd Apatow, you would need Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg, Jonah—there's a lot of moving pieces," he shared. "And I know at the moment, none of them are interested at all. They kind of want to just let it sit, let it be. So, I trust them with that."

At least fans have the delight of watching the hysterical comedy (and celebrating McLovin's birthday, of course) on Netflix.

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