Christina Ricci, Owen Benjamin

VAH/ Fame Pictures

We may have broken the news back in March that Christina Ricci and comedian Owen Benjamin were planning on getting hitched, but we didn't for a millisecond think these two would actually go through with the whole marriage thing. And lo and behold, Chris and her giant fiancé have split up!

Is this all to promote their new flick together, All's Faire in Love? We doubt it:

Didn't take a friggin' genius to figure out this relaysh was all sorts of doomed—the two actors started dating just last October and decided to get engaged about four months later. They spent their engagement party not with family at some fancy-type place, but in a West Hollywood hotel room with partyass types, doing all sorts of standard H'wood naughtiness we don't have to spell out for ya. 

I mean, Ricci was more about screaming and yelling during that "engagement party" than she was whispering sweet whatevers into her fiancé's ear.

That sort of heated, volatile passion makes nice for a fiery summer fling, perhaps, but not a marriage. Right, Pam 'n' Kid? Hope these two babes had some fun together while it lasted!

—Additional reporting by Becky Bain

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