Heather and Terry Dubrow Got How "Lit" At Lisa Vanderpump's House?!

By Samantha Bergeson May 20, 2021 8:40 PMTags

Overserved, overfed and overstayed—sounds like a party!

Botched star Dr. Terry Dubrow and wife Heather Dubrow relive their drunken evening on Overserved With Lisa Vanderpump, airing tonight (May 20), in an exclusive interview with E! News' Daily Pop co-hosts Justin Sylvester and Lilliana Vazquez.

From grossing out their host Lisa Vanderpump with photos of leeches to staying way past their exit time, the Dubrows certainly had a good time. "This was in the middle of a pandemic. We had been on lockdown, we hadn't been anywhere," Heather explains. "We had no idea what was going to happen. It was so fun to be amongst other humans that we're not related to! We just went all out."

Heather says husband Terry was "on fire," as he admits to be "probably incredibly inappropriate" as a cocktail party guest. 

"I'm a little concerned about this episode, to be honest," he jokes.

Heather adds, "We were so lit! We overstayed our welcome. We were, like, those guests." 

Paul Nassif & Terry Dubrow's Bromance

When they're not letting loose, the Dubrows are parents of four. Daily Pop co-host Justin asks if they would ever let their children go under the knife since Dr. Dubrow is a plastic surgeon.

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"Our 17 year-old daughter Max is asking for lip filler," Heather explains, saying she wants Max to wait until she's 18, but she'd prefer fillers to a septum piercing.

So has Terry ever operated on Heather? Other than a postpartum umbilical hernia, Heather hasn't opted for plastic surgery. "I think if I had problem that only Terry could fix, I would 100 percent have him do it," she says. "But you know what, I'm not having anything done. I'm just going to keep pulling my hair tighter!" 

Fans can watch Terry tackle "unique" new procedures on the new season seven of Botched, which premiered on Monday, May 17. "Paul [Nassif] looks really good this season with all his plastic surgery," Terry quips of his co-star. 

Check out the hilarious clip above for Dr. Dubrow's take on The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Dolores Catania's "new vagina" and more!


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