Schitt's Creek's Tim Rozon & Sarah Levy Ditch Mutt & Twyla For a Spooky Drama

After saying goodbye to their beloved Schitt's Creek characters, Tim Rozon and Sarah Levy have reunited for a new SYFY drama, SurrealEstate. See the first trailer.

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Tim Rozon and Sarah Levy as real estate agents dealing with haunted houses? Love that journey for them.

On Thursday, May 20, SYFY released the first trailer for their new drama, SurrealEstate. The spooky series, which premieres Friday, July 16, reunites the Schitt's Creek alums as Luke Roman and Susan Ireland, respectively.

And, from what the first look teases below, Tim and Sarah's new characters are vastly different than Mutt and Twyla. For starters, Tim has ditched scruffy Mutt for a clean-shaven and impeccably dressed Luke.

Not to mention, Luke will do anything to "sell the hell out of houses," according to the network. As the character shares, "Some agencies help their clients by putting vanilla extract on hot light bulbs for that fresh baked cookie smell. We help them by stopping the walls from bleeding."

This doesn't sound like the earthy-crunchy loner he played on the Pop TV series—and we couldn't be more excited.

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As for Sarah? Her new character's optimism does remind us of Twyla. However, we feel it's more of a front to sell haunted homes.

"When I saw this master suite for the first time, I made a noise which I have not been able to duplicate since," Susan is seen saying. As a terrifying noise plagues the house tour, she comments, "Noisy pipes?"

The Schitt's Creek reunion isn't the only one to look forward to. Apparently, Tim also reunited with Wynonna Earp co-star Melanie Scrofano on set. Per EW, Melanie directed a couple episodes for the new series and guest starred.

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For a peek at the surreal fun to come, watch the new trailer above.

SurrealEstate premieres Friday, July 16 on SYFY.

(E! and SYFY are both part of the NBCUniversal family.)

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