Here's Terry Dubrow's Hilarious Reaction to Paul Nassif's Incredible Weight Loss

By Brett Malec May 20, 2021 2:00 PMTags
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There's nothing Botched about this body transformation.

Dr. Paul Nassif is on a health and weight loss journey and recently showed off his impressive progress on Instagram.

So how exactly is the E! star getting so fit and dropping those pesky extra pounds? We'll let him explain.

"The whole intermittent fasting, which I'm doing now, Terry got me into that. I'm doing that 16 hours a day," the Botched star told E! News exclusively. "The working out I average about five days a week and it's a little bit of cardio, but it's more weight training and lifting. And the last part of it as we always say abs are made in the kitchen: it really is calorie restriction, what you take in versus what you put out and burn. I'm on a diet that's called Sunfare, they bring the food in, so calorie restriction and it's really healthy food. And tasty."

He added, "There's no dairy, no fats and things like that, no oils right now. It's just a clean, clean diet. And then of course you gotta splurge on the weekends at least one or two meals."

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BFF Terry Dubrow joked, "He's on the cold steel surgical diet where whatever he can't take off with calorie restriction he takes off in the operating room."

As for his weight loss goal, Paul explained, "I think now I'm up to two and a half months and I think I'm down about 19 [pounds]. I want to get down to my max is 24."


And for the record, Terry isn't worried about his co-star getting more fit than he is.

"I don't think that's a possibility," Terry cracked. "I was gonna tell him to start swimming as a way to burn calories but then I realized he's had so much plastic in him from all that surgery that they won't allow him in the ocean because they are afraid the tuna and the dolphins will choke on it."


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