Go Inside Charli D'Amelio's World in First The D'Amelio Show Trailer

Take a closer look at Charli D'Amelio's life with sister Dixie, mom Heidi and dad Marc by watching the first look of their Hulu show.

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The first family of TikTok.

That's the title given to the D'Amelio family, which includes social media superstars Charli D'Amelio and Dixie D'Amelio, by the Guardian. However, as Hulu teases in a new trailer for The D'Amelio Show, the famous family is more normal than you'd think.

"We are best friends," Dixie, 19, informs the camera. "Other days we can't even look at each other."

Still, per Charli, 17, big sister Dixie is "very protective" of her. If that's not an everyday teenage sister relationship, we don't know what is. Although, we doubt that normal teens face rising stardom as they acquire millions of followers on TikTok.

In fact, as Hulu notes in a new description, Charli has become "one of the biggest celebrities with over 150 million followers combined and #1 on the TikTok platform in less than a year." As for Dixie? She boasts "over 78 million followers combined, one of the fastest growing YouTube channels and ranked within the Top 10 Most Followed Creators on TikTok," according to the streaming service.

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Understandably, mom Heidi couldn't be prouder of her girls. She emotionally says to the camera, "I'm so happy for them." Regardless, the D'Amelio matriarch assures those tuning in that Dixie and Charli are still "normal kids."

Case in point: Charli admits she still has to make her bed.

While this is all certainly relatable and surprisingly ordinary, the TikTok stars are seen recording music, adjusting to life in Hollywood, doing photoshoots and more. So, it's safe to say their lives have changed just a bit.

The new docuseries is executive produced by Eli Holzman, Aaron Saidman, Esther Frank and Sara Reddy, who is also the showrunner.

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For a peek inside the D'Amelio family's life, check out the new trailer above.

The D'Amelio Show is coming soon to Hulu.

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