How the Pandemic Caused Unexpected "Complications" for the Botched Docs

By Brett Malec May 18, 2021 4:49 PMTags
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Plastic surgery during a pandemic is no walk in the park.

Botched stars Drs. Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif are teasing some of their wildest cases to date ahead of tonight's season seven premiere on E!. So what mind-blowing medical marvels can fans expect to wow them this go around?

"For me a guy with a shark [bite size hole] in his abdomen," Terry revealed to E! News exclusively. "23-year-old strapping guy with no side abdomen at all, gone! Like completely! I mean, how do you interact with people and form normal intimate relationships when you have no side of your abdomen? So that was very challenging because what do you do? Do you make a 3-D printed abdomen and put it on there?"

Terry continued, "And then the first episode for me was very interesting because this woman with the masses in her armpits: what are those? She also had something going on in her neck. Is it part of a larger medical disorder or is it just an isolated problem? Whatever it is, those masses go way deep in the armpits and the armpits have some very, very dangerous structures and big blood vessels and nerves. A very harrowing case."

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Paul added, "For me, actually every case is going to have its own challenge...There's a lot of complications with these surgeries because they're very difficult and they are not predictable."

The coronavirus pandemic contributed added stress to the doctors' already challenging list of cases.

Terry explained, "We started two months before the pandemic and we were following some very active complications going in and then all of a sudden the pandemic put us on pause so we weren't able to treat these complications adequately. They got worse, plus once we got started up again, we had totally different protocols. So it was a very prolonged season, I think that's one of the reason we had some complications and we were operating on different kinds of cases this season too, so that made it more challenging."

on a brighter note, Paul teased fans will catch a cameo appearance from wife Brittany and baby daughter Paulina this season.

"Absolutely, you're going to see both of them. You're going to see my little, beautiful baby girl and my beautiful wife," he gushed.


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