Jessica Biel Reveals How Son Silas Reacts to Dad Justin Timberlake's Music

On The Tonight Show, Jessica Biel talked about her and Justin Timberlake's son Silas' reactions to his parents' work, as well as the boy's relationship with his baby brother, Phineas.

By Corinne Heller May 08, 2021 6:25 PMTags

It's gotta be interesting to have a musical Troll for a dad.

But for Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake's 6-year-old son Silas, it's more like meh, no big deal...

In a remote interview on NBC's The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Friday, May 7, the actress and Cruel Summer executive producer talked about the boy's recognition of his dad's career as an actor and singer, saying he knows he voices Branch in the Trolls animated films and also identifies his voice in his music.

"Whenever he hears his daddy's song, he'll go, 'Oh yeah, that's Dad,'" she shared. "Like, no big deal, you know, whatever."

However, Silas has no interest in watching the animated children's Amazon Video series Pete the Cat, which features his mom.

"The funny thing about Pete the Cat is I tried to get him to watch the show," she recalled. "He will not watch the show, and yet he says, 'Hey Mom, hey Mom, do one of those voices from the show.'"

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Also on The Tonight Show, Jessica discussed Silas' relationship with his baby brother Phineas, who she and Justin welcomed last summer.

"Are they loving each other? Are they besties?" host Jimmy Fallon asked, to which the 7th Heaven alum responded, "I think they are. I really do, and I really was worried. You just never know what's going to happen and how your older one is going to feel about the little one. And man, they just think each other are so funny and it's so amazing to watch, it's so cute."

Instagram / Jessica Biel

Jessica made similar comments about her sons' relationship on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in April, saying, "It is so cute to see these two together. They both think the other one is hilarious."

"Silas, he is the performer, he wants to make the jokes and he wants all the attention on him, so Phin only has eyes for him," she continued. "Everything that Silas does is hilarious and then anything that Phin does is hilarious. So they just laugh at each other all day long."

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