Ranking Netflix's Wedding Shows From Least to Most Helpful

A closer look at the wedding shows provided by Netflix. See where your favorite shows land.

By Alyssa Ray Apr 30, 2021 6:00 PMTags
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Wedding planning isn't the fairytale it's cracked up to be.

For many brides and grooms, the months leading up to a wedding are pretty daunting. Why? Well, there are dresses to buy, venues to rent, guest lists to create and so much more. Thankfully, reality TV has given brides, grooms and everyone in-between an inside look into the wedding industry.

So, when Netflix threw its hat into the ring by releasing several nuptial-centric shows, we were ready to devour them all. Yet, as we watched everything from Extreme Engagement to Marriage or Mortgage, we realized that some shows were more helpful than others. While we were obsessed with Love Is Blind when it first dropped, we can't say it's a realistic portrayal of an everyday marriage. On the other hand, Extreme Engagement may've had a wild plot but, it's core themes about communication and dedication struck a chord.

And that's just a taste of how some feel about Netflix's wedding shows!

Secret Star Weddings and Elopements

For an official ranking of Netflix's wedding shows from least to most helpful, scroll through the images below.

Indian Matchmaking: Least Helpful

Netflix's Indian Matchmaking was an eye-opening series as it followed Indian Matchmaker Sima Taparia while she tried to help a group of eligible singles find potential spouses. While the show was certainly entertaining and shed light on the arranged marriage process in South Asian cultures, it wasn't very informative when it came to wedding planning or marriage tips.

Extreme Engagement: A Little Helpful

In Extreme Engagement, an engaged couple travels the globe to explore diverse marriage customs while testing their own relationship. During this journey, the pair find themselves in many spats, disgusted with one another but, ultimately, closer than ever.

We're not sure Extreme Engagement should be considered a wedding show. Why? Well, because, it's more a show about the hard work relationships require—which is actually pretty helpful for soon-to-be-married couples. 

As for ​helping with the actual big day? Not so much.

The Big Day: A Smidge Helpful

The Big Day takes Netflix users behind-the-scenes of several lavish Indian weddings. Through this journey, the multibillion-dollar Indian wedding industry is explored. This show is likely most helpful for those in the South Asian community, but the impressive decorations and love stories shared will likely resonate with all couples.

Still, we should warn viewers, these nuptials may cause some wedding envy.

Love Is Blind: Somewhat Helpful

Love Is Blind was one wild ride of a reality TV show. The premise? Singles try to find their one true love without seeing each other. This formula proved to be very entertaining but, in terms of wedding planning, it was really not that helpful. We mean, there were literal runaway brides on the show.

Still, it showed that domestic life isn't always what it's cracked up to be and is a reminder for couples to communicate their wants and needs.

(For the record: We stan Lauren and Cameron forever.)

Say I Do: Helpful

Say I Do proves that dream weddings really can come true. With the help of experts Jeremiah Brent, Thai Nguyen and Gabriele Bertaccini, deserving couples are able to achieve beautiful and memorable weddings.

The series, which comes from the geniuses behind Queer Eye, is helpful as it offers up inspiration for wedding themes, menus, style and more. Yet, everyday brides and grooms rarely have access to three passionate professionals. So, it arrives lower on our list. But, hey, it should help set certain expectations for your wedding planner.

The Wedding Coach: Pretty Helpful

We gotta say, host Jamie Lee's honest take about the bridal industry on The Wedding Coach is something all couples need to hear. And that is, wedding perfection is not attainable. So many brides and grooms lose sleep over trying to plan the perfect day that they forget what's most important: their relationship.

If you're in the middle of planning a wedding, we recommend you tune into this show before you decide to arrive at the altar via a canoe.

Marriage or Mortgage: Most Helpful

Marriage or Mortgage is the best thing to happen to brides since Say Yes to the Dress. For those who've yet to tune in, the Netflix reality series follows a wedding planner and a real estate agent as they compete to win the budgets of couples for either, you guessed it, a marriage or a mortgage.

Not only does the show breakdown the costs of wedding venues, catering and more, it also sheds light on how to put in an offer on a home. Ultimately, the show proves that neither decision is a bad one as it's all about what's best for the couple.

All of these shows are available to stream on Netflix.

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