Why Chatting With Tayshia Adams and Her Mom Rosario Left Us in Tears (the Good Kind!)

In an exclusive interview with E! News, Tayshia Adams celebrated Mother’s Day with her mom Rosario by looking back on her biggest life moments.

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Watch: Tayshia Adams & Her Mom Open Up About Their Unbreakable Bond

There's one mom in Bachelor Nation who deserves a lot more than just a rose this Mother's Day. 

Before Tayshia Adams became one of ABC's most beloved Bachelorettes, the Click Bait podcast co-host remembers growing up in sunny Orange County, Calif., with one consistent cheerleader by her side. Yes, we're talking about her mom, Rosario Adams.

"There were so many times she took us to sports or tried to be there for every event at school," Tayshia exclusively recalled to E! News. "How she had a job and took care of all four of us, I literally do not know, but my mom has always been there for us and a very present, hands-on mom. My mom did it all."

So perhaps it should come as no surprise that when E! News asked the Bachelor Nation member and her mom to participate in a special Mother's Day interview, the pair was down to share an amazing journey down memory lane.

While they were in different states during their Zoom interview, both Tayshia and Rosario couldn't hide their love and affection for one another as they reflected on their unbreakable bond.

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"She's always been such a good girl," Rosario insisted. "She went to an all girls' high school and she did really amazing. She's always been respectful and being the oldest [of four kids], I gave her a lot of responsibility, but you know what? She did the best that she could and I really appreciate all of the help that she did for me."

Tayshia & Rosario Adams

Although Tayshia stayed close to home for her college experience, she took a leap of faith when she decided to join Colton Underwood's season of The Bachelor in 2019. After making a positive impression on fans, Tayshia was announced as ABC's Bachelorette after Clare Crawley quickly paired off with Dale Moss.

"I think at first, I told my mom and she was like, ‘Okay? So what does that mean?'" Tayshia recalled. "My mom has always been very supportive of every decision I've made. She's always been very excited for me." 

Rosario added, "I think she knows that I'm her biggest cheerleader. She has a good head on her shoulders."

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And while some parents may be hesitant to watch their children kiss, break up and maybe even make up on ABC's long-running franchise, Rosario was all in. Fortunately, there was a happy ending when her daughter accepted Zac Clark's proposal.

Tayshia & Rosario Adams

"For me, I just love to see her on TV. She does so amazing," Rosario gushed. "I just love my daughter so much. We did actually see her fall in love. I was telling my husband, ‘She loves him.' Being that it's Zac, he's such a great guy. For us to actually see her fall in love was just an amazing feeling." 

And like any aspiring grandma, she's hopeful that the engaged duo will consider having kids when the time is right. "I think Tayshia would be such an amazing mom," the proud mom continued. "She loves kids. She has always loved kids. She used to babysit around the neighborhood. I think she's going to be amazing and I do want her to have five kids."

While Tayshia joked that she has a "lot of traditions to uphold" when it comes to big, close families, she's simply grateful for her mother's guidance as she searched for her happily ever after. In fact, their shared faith is something Tayshia continues to keep front of mind as she prepares to plan a wedding.

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"My faith is something I can always rely on through good and bad times. It should be a pinnacle in my relationship and I think that my mom has always made us involved," Tayshia explained. "Whether it's going to church or going to private school if we can in order to have that religious education a priority, it really has made a difference in all of our lives as kids. It's something I'm bringing into my relationship and it's something I've always been able to rely on and my mom has reiterated that."


While Rosario and Tayshia may be unable to celebrate Mother's Day together this year because of work commitments, the pair already has a vision for their ideal day once they reunite.

Tayshia knows her mom would like to start her Sunday at church and continue the day with a family photo and hand-written cards. Rosario agreed before adding a few more requests. As she teased, "I would love for us to get together, go shopping, get brunch and then finally end up home watching a movie with the fireplace and just having fun." 

Tayshia & Rosario Adams

If you ask Tayshia, her mom deserves the whole Bachelor helicopter, private beach and champagne experience.

"I'm just grateful for my mom's grace," she explained. "No matter what, she's always tried to do her absolute best and if she couldn't provide what she wanted to provide, she made the best out of every situation. She's always made us feel confident in our own decisions and trust our own instincts and rely on our faith at all times. I'm just grateful for her heart." 

The Bachelorette returns Monday, June 7 at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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