Mario Lopez Recalls the "Traumatic" Moment His Daughter Walked in on Him Having Sex

By Samantha Bergeson Apr 29, 2021 7:00 PMTags
Watch: Mario Lopez's Daughter Walked in on Him Having Sex

Mario Lopez wasn't Saved By the Bell when it came to his sex life! 

In a hilarious sneak peek at tonight's all new episode of E!'s Overserved With Lisa Vanderpumpthe Access Hollywood host reveals an especially cringey moment that most parents can probably relate to. 

"How do you have sex when you have three children anyways?" host Lisa Vanderpump asks Mario and his wife Courtney Lopez.

"Oh my gosh, it's all about the quickie now," Mario laughs before admitting a recent misstep. "This was so traumatic, our daughter walked in on us the other day..."

Courtney adds that she and Mario decided to get intimate in the guest bedroom, or as Mario puts it, for "a little getaway" from their usual sheets. Yet their daughter Gia apparently went looking for her parents, only to find them getting down and dirty.

Courtney thought all would be fine because it only takes "however many minutes" to do the deed with her hunky husband. Mario quickly defends himself: "Wait, that didn't come out right!" 

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"I would be shagging you every day if it was only a couple of minutes," Lisa jokes. 

Courtney reveals even more information, like there were hired movers in her home at the time so she didn't lock the bedroom door thinking no one would bother them. "[Gia] came to look for us and opened the door..." Courtney continued. 

Mario jumps in, "So this is the worst thing, right? I was like lightning with the covers."

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Afterwards, Mario hoped to clear the air with Gia and perhaps clarify what she saw. "I said, 'I got to go talk to her,' but we couldn't find her for like an hour," Mario concluded. Eventually he did find his daughter, and then had an honest conversation about what love means.

Mario and Courtney are parents to three children: eldest daughter Gia, son Dominic and baby boy Santino

Check out the eye-popping clip above to watch the Lopezs' hilarious sex story!

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