Liza Finally Answers Charles' Proposal in Younger Final Season Premiere

In the seventh and final season premiere, Liza (Sutton Foster) gave boyfriend Charles (Peter Hermann) an answer to his marriage proposal. Find out her answer.

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Warning: The following contains spoilers for Younger's season seven premiere.

Not the answer he was hoping for.

When we last saw Liza (Sutton Foster), she was surprised when boyfriend Charles (Peter Hermann) proposed at Diana's (Miriam Shor) wedding. Of course, since this question was popped in the Younger season six finale, which aired in 2019, fans have been eagerly awaiting Liza's answer.

And, like Charles, you may have a mixed reaction to her answer. After sending Diana off on her honeymoon with Enzo (Chris Tardio), Liza gave Charles a vague answer.

"The answer is I love you," she informed her boyfriend. "But, technically, you're not even divorced yet…and I also think you may be a little drunk."

When Charles called out Liza for avoiding the question, she once more danced around answering the proposal. "It is the most beautiful question I have ever heard," she continued. "But I have a daughter I need to talk to—and you have to speak to your girls, as well. We don't have to rush. I'm not going anywhere."

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While Charles accepted this non-answer, he also withdrew his proposal and told Liza that it was up to her to ask next time. Unfortunately, later in the episode, Liza gave Charles an even more concrete answer: She has no intention of marrying again.

During a meeting at their first date location, Liza asked if they could "just keep riding the perfect ride?" She added, "I've been married, and it didn't go so well. I love you, and I don't want anything from you, except your heart. I want to be happily unmarried to you every day."

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As Charles said himself, this "was not the proposal I was expecting." And, unfortunately for Liza, the suggestion was one Charles was not on board with.

"I do know what I want. And it's not a ride or some kind of fantasy," he explained. "I want to get off the carousel. I want a partner in life."

Per Charles, he believes in marriage and is open to remarrying. He concluded, "We're not young, Liza, and we both deserve what we really want. Thank you for letting me know what's in your heart."

Why don't you just rip our hearts right out of our chests? The first four episodes of Younger season seven are available on Paramount+ now.

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