Nicole Byer Breaks Down Her Pole Dancing Skills on Nightly Pop

By Samantha Bergeson Apr 15, 2021 4:10 PMTags

Nicole Byer can Nail whatever she sets her mind—or body—to.

Netflix's Nailed It host juggles two shows (catch her on Wipeout with John Cena), four podcasts, a film career and new outrageous hobbies on a weekly basis. While Byer has mastered roller-skating and motorcycles, she's turned her attention to pole dancing. In an exclusive Nightly Pop interview, Byer reveals her sensual moves to co-hosts Nina Parker and Hunter March.

"It's easier than you think," Byer promises. "You pick up things. It's fun, it's a workout, and you get to feel slutty!" 

Byer took a break from twirling on the pole after dislocating her ankle in November 2020. And no, she didn't injure herself dancing. "It's very boring. I fell off a motorcycle twice last year, nothing happened. I've been roller-skating, pole dancing...I just fell down my stairs," Byers admits. 

"You are way more active than I am! You make me feel a little boring," Parker laughs.

"It's like James Bond!" March adds.

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"Pole dancing is not easy so you must be skilled because I tried that and I almost broke my ankle!" Parker applauds. 

"You just have to keep going!" Byer encourages. She certainly doesn't Wipeout before becoming a pro! 

Byer co-hosts the reimagined TBS reboot of the competition course series alongside former professional wrestler turned actor Cena. Could Byer tackle wrestling as her next hobby, and teach Cena a few pole dancing moves? 

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