Mario Lopez Admits He Got "Into a Little Fight" With This Celeb Right Before They Co-Presented an Award

During a TV appearance on March 29, Mario Lopez revealed he and this star "got into a little fight" right before they presented together at last year's People's Choice Awards.

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It's always good to know which of your friendships are strong enough to withstand a difference of opinion over camera angles, as Mario Lopez recently learned.

The performer is the guest host for The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Monday, March 29, where he's visited by his Saved by the Bell co-star Elizabeth Berkley, as seen in preview footage. Both celebs are lead cast members of Peacock's Saved by the Bell reboot, which was recently picked up for a second season

During their chat on the talk show, Mario reminisced about the two of them presenting together at the People's Choice Awards in November 2020, and he shared that the pair had a bit of a friendly debate over which of them would, uh, get to stand on the left-hand side of the stage. Yes, being a celebrity involves a lot of difficult decisions.

"The last time we saw each other in person was at the People's Choice Awards, and we got into a little fight backstage before," the 47-year-old Access Hollywood anchor recalled.

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After an image from the ceremony was shown on-screen, Mario continued, "As you can see, I want to point out to our viewers, you're on the left side—you're standing on the left side—which is usually the side I like to stand on, purely for superstitious reasons. It's like a good luck thing."

According to Mario, Elizabeth had her own personal reason for preferring the left side of the stage. "You like to do it because you rock your hair a certain way, and because of the part, correct?" he asked.

Chris Haston/Peacock

Of course, this isn't exactly the way the 48-year-old Showgirls star remembered things going down. "No, no, no! Superstitious, or you like that side?" she playfully fired back. She added, "No, we didn't get into like a real fight. It was our playful banter, but like brother-sister."

Mario was quick to agree. "No, we're always laughing and teasing each other," he replied.

In other words, we're relieved they were able to handle the situation maturely and that their reactions wouldn't have gotten them sent to Principal Belding's office. And may this serve as a lesson for the rest of us: Always work out who will stand on the left side before you show up to present the award. 

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