Watch Chris Hemsworth Show Off His Thor Strength With an Arcade Game

In a recent Instagram Story, Chris Hemsworth showed off his muscles by playing an arcade game that tests your strength. Keep scrolling to see how Thor performed.

By Mona Thomas Mar 26, 2021 7:15 PMTags
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Can Thor take on an arcade game?

Well, let's just say Chris Hemsworth proved he totally deserved the Marvel role. On Thursday, March 25, the actor took to his Instagram Story and showed off his strength by playing a game where you have to punch a speed ball to rate your strength levels.

The star first punched the ball, which earned him a score of 8,792. For context, the highest score marked on the game is 9,051. He then roundhouse-kicked the speed ball and scored a 7,721.

He then shared a video of stuntman Bobby Holland Hanton punching the ball ferociously, which ended up being worth it as he pulled in a score of 9,112, breaking the previous high score!

Fans loved the display of strength, though one Instagram user suggested that "he needs his golden hammer" to really crank up that score. One fan even joked, "So from now on....... Bobby is being known - as the real THOR himself ......"

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When the on-screen superhero isn't saving the universe, he's husband to Elsa Pataky and dad of their children, India Rose, 8, Sasha, 7, and Tristan, 7.

"10 years together!" he captioned the post. "Looking forward to the advancements of modern medicine and science and enjoying a couple hundred more!"

As for the kids, Chris shared a sweet note from his son Tristan in February, in which he wrote, "My special friend is dad, together we go in the pool, together they make me feel happy." We're not crying, you are.

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