Britney Spears Raises Eyebrows With Multiple Cryptic Posts About the Color Red

Britney Spears had red on the mind during a series of Instagram posts on March 23, although the apparent lack of the color in the images left fans with questions.

By Ryan Gajewski Mar 24, 2021 11:55 AMTags
Watch: Britney Spears Shares Cryptic Posts About the Color Red

Britney Spears loves connecting with fans on social media, but her supporters aren't quite sure if they follow her latest message.

The 39-year-old music icon took to Instagram on Tuesday, March 23 to share several posts, all of which include a reference to the color red in the caption. However, many fans seemed confused by this, given that there did not appear to be much red shown in the images of the star.

"Twisted Elegance … introducing RED," Britney captioned a carousel of photos of herself in a lace top. 

A couple hours later, she shared a video of herself dancing in the same outfit. "No lipstick … blush … or foundation cause I was in a rush … but you get the idea !!!!! RED [chile-pepper emoji] !!!!!" she wrote.

Oddly, neither post contained any obvious red, and her followers piped up in the comments to see if they were missing something. 

"There is nothing red in this video," one fan observed.

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Another individual wrote, "What is red?! There's nothing red?!"

About an hour after this, Britney added a third post of the day, this time a close-up shot of a pair of lips covered in red lipstick, along with two fingernails adorned with red nail polish. However, it did not appear that Britney was in the photo, and the person was wearing a grill over their teeth.

"OMG WHAT DOES RED MEAN WE NEED THE TEA," one fan wanted to know.

Britney has yet to add any additional information, so it's unclear if she's promoting an upcoming project or product line.

Meanwhile, "Twisted Elegance" is an apparent reference to "Interlude: Twisted Elegance," the first track on Janet Jackson's 1997 album The Velvet Rope. But it's still not immediately evident why this would be significant.

Fans have felt increasingly protective of the "Stronger" singer ever since the recent release of the FX documentary Framing Britney Spears, which focuses on her conservatorship situation with father Jamie Spears.

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