Watch Michelle Obama Break Jimmy Fallon's Heart With Harsh Comments About His Movie Career

If Jimmy Fallon was fishing for praise from Michelle Obama about his not-exactly-Oscar-worthy films, she wasn't looking to offer it.

By Ryan Gajewski Mar 19, 2021 7:55 AMTags

Michelle Obama clearly doesn't want Jimmy Fallon to quit his day job. 

The former first lady visited The Tonight Show on Thursday, March 18, where she revealed she's not exactly the biggest fan of the movies he made before shifting his career to focus on hosting his talk show.

During a round of "Settles It," in which Michelle quickly answered a series of hot-button questions, Jimmy perhaps dug his own grave by asking whether she preferred his 2004 action-comedy flick Taxi that co-starred Queen Latifah, or his 2005 rom-com Fever Pitch, in which he appeared opposite Drew Barrymore

"This is the best question, coming up," the host teased. "Better movie, Taxi or Fever Pitch?"

Michelle replied, "Taxi," leading Jimmy to clap his hands with delight. However, he probably should have just quickly moved on to the next question.

"But I've seen neither," she then informed him. Oof. At this, he immediately appeared deflated as he asked, "What are you talking about? No, don't you even dare!"

Michelle Obama's Best Looks

Michelle responded, "I've been busy! I've been busy!" Granted, these films came out well before she and Barack Obama moved into the White House, but we suppose we'll allow her excuse to slide as a courtesy to her host's feelings.

Apparently feeling he needed a boost in confidence, Jimmy proceeded to tell a story about Ann Curry having had the option of watching Taxi while she was previously a guest on Air Force One. 

"So you just assume because Ann Curry had it on Air Force One that everybody saw it?" Michelle fired back. Ouch.

But Jimmy evidently was still not willing to read the room, as he kept defending the film. "Well, I'm assuming you were probably there, and that was one of your options," he explained. "The whole family loves Taxi! I gotta get you a DVD."


Alas, the Becoming author was still unimpressed. "That's why it was in the back where you all were sitting," she quipped.

Mercifully, at that point, Jimmy seemed to get the hint, and so he just laughed and asked her another question. On behalf of all of us, we thank him for finally accepting that he wasn't going to win this round. 

During her visit, Michelle and Jimmy also surprised Zoom users by randomly dropping in on their video chats. The Zoom segment and her evisceration of poor Taxi can be seen in the videos above.

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