Eve Hewson "Stole" Dad Bono's Address Book and Prank Called Justin Timberlake

Behind Her Eyes star Eve Hewson admitted she prank called Justin Timberlake thanks to her dad Bono's phone book. Scroll to see what she asked Justin when he answered her call.

By Kaitlin Reilly Mar 11, 2021 11:16 PMTags
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A perk of being Bono's daughter? The ability to call nearly any celebrity you want...provided you steal dad's phonebook, that is. 

In a new interview with This Morning, Eve Hewson, who is the star of the new, twisty Netflix series Behind Her Eyes, admitted she would often take advantage of her famous father's connections as a teenager—but didn't really have a great plan for when she finally got a hold of them. One such person was Justin Timberlake, who, in 2001, worked with her dad on a star-studded cover of Marvin Gaye's song "What's Going On" to benefit AIDS research. 

"I like to take advantage of my circumstances sometimes, and when I was younger I stole my dad's address book, I tried to prank call a few people," the actress explained on the show, "but Justin picked up, so we asked him trivial questions from the back of a cereal box." 

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While prank calling the "SexyBack" singer was hardly the thing most regular teens were doing, Eve insisted she had a normal upbringing—at least, half the time.

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"Every now and then we get to go away on tour with my dad and have this wild rock and roll experience and then come home and take the train to school again," the Bridge of Spies star said. "It was a strange balance, but I enjoyed both."


These days, there's a person who Eve would really love to get on the phone—but not to prank. 

"I would love to do comedy," she told Collider about moving onto lighter roles following the intense drama of Behind Her Eyes. "Can you please call Seth Rogen and just tell him that I'm looking? It's really a compliment when people want to give you those bigger, more dramatic roles because that's the dream, but sometimes, I'm just like, 'Oh, gosh,' when I'm burying my dead baby or doing something really dark and disturbing. I'll say, 'I wish I was doing a rom-com right now.' I would love to try that."

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