Jon Gosselin Invites His Estranged Children With Kate Gosselin to His Home to Rebuild Relationship

In a new interview on The Dr. Oz Show, Jon Gosselin expressed hopes of reconnecting with his estranged children he shares with ex Kate Gosselin.

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Jon Gosselin's home is always welcome to all of his children.

While he tries to keep his distance from ex-wife Kate Gosselin, the Jon & Kate Plus 8 star is opening up about his relationship—or lack thereof—with some of his children.

Although Jon is living with Hannah and Collinis six other children including Madelyn, Cara, Aaden, Alexis, Leah and Joel remain in Kate's care.

In a new interview with Dr. Mehmet Oz airing Friday, March 5, the former reality star was asked why he doesn't call his estranged children. Jon went on to share his experience.

"I've said before I'm welcoming them back into our house and if they're willing to come or reach out or anything like that," the DJ shared on The Dr. Oz Show. "I'm more putting it on them because I've reached out and given the olive branch. Now I can't explain half the things I've done in the past or why I've done things but maybe those are table conversations we can have in person. I'm opening my house in open arms if they're willing to come."

Stars With Coronavirus

In Friday's episode, Jon also revealed that his kids who live with Kate didn't reach out after he was hospitalized with COVID-19.

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"I didn't hear from them," he explained via Us Weekly. "I think Hannah might have told Leah…No, I haven't heard anything from them. There's just a disconnect."

"Whether it's parent alienation, I can't really reach out to them and there's legalities," Jon continued. "I can't go to where they move, it would be trespassing. I guess my plight to them or what I really want to say is I love you, my door is always open, you're welcome anytime, there's no regrets or hard feelings or any of those negative things. You can always come see me or come see Hannah and Collin." 

For several years, Jon and Kate documented their life with sextuplets and a pair of twins on their TLC reality show. Jon & Kate Plus 8 would end soon after their public split in 2009.

In a previous interview with Dr. Oz, Jon reiterated his wish that all of his children could have a strong relationship with one another.

"I hope they develop a relationship with Hannah and Collin," he explained. "I hope that one day I can be part of your life. I'm glad that I got a second chance. I was more concerned about myself in the hospital and getting better and getting back to my family. I miss them." 

The Dr. Oz Show airs weekdays. Check your local listings online.

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