RHOD Sneak Peek: Brandi Redmond Feels "Guarded" Around Tiffany Moon After "Racist" Controversy

In an exclusive The Real Housewives of Dallas preview, Brandi Redmond addresses her struggle to open up to Dr. Tiffany Moon.

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A candid conversation.

In this exclusive clip from tonight, Mar. 2's all-new The Real Housewives of Dallas, Brandi Redmond reveals she has been acting "guarded" around new co-star Dr. Tiffany Moon. As fans of the show surely know, Brandi faced criticism after a past offensive video from 2017 resurfaced showing the Bravo personality doing an impression of an "Asian" woman.

After the video resurfaced on social media in January 2019, the footage sparked allegations of racism and Brandi quickly issued a public apology and checked into a wellness center to "reflect and better herself." While the controversial video was not about newcomer Tiffany, as the controversy came about after season four of RHOD, Brandi expresses a concern that her co-star may feel "awkward" around her in this sneak peek.

A surprised Tiffany responds, "No. Do you feel awkward around me?"

At this moment, Brandi confesses that she's "very guarded" about their relationship "because of the video."

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In response to this, Tiffany asks, "Have I ever led you to believe that I think you are racist?"

While Brandi notes that Tiffany has given her "a lot of grace," she admits to wanting to be a "better version" of herself. She continues, "I feel like, sometimes when I'm around all of us and, with you there, I just feel like I want to be completely, authentically me in front of you."

Per the longtime RHOD star, she feels "scared" to be herself as she isn't sure how Tiffany feels about her. She shares, "In some ways, I'm like, 'Gosh, is she being honest with the way that she feels right off the bat?'"

Tiffany goes onto assure Brandi that she's being authentic around her. The doctor explains, "I never thought that you said or did any of those things out of an intention to make others feel badly about themselves, which I have experienced personally."

As Tiffany clarifies that she "never thought" Brandi had bad intentions, she relays that she thought she made this clear to the Bravo personality.

"I mean, I'm so sorry to come to this," Brandi defends. "But like, I wanted you to understand where I was coming from. I want to be myself in front of you."

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Continuing on this point, Brandi states she's been "holding back" as she's "paranoid" that Tiffany's judging her.

"Girl, no. I'm not judging you," Tiffany shares. "I'm really not. I'm not just saying that. The whole racist thing, this whole whatever thing, I wish you wouldn't think so ill of me. That you would give me a chance."

Tiffany goes on to praise Brandi for being "a great mother," "a great friend," "a great dancer" and more. However, as the clip comes to an end, Tiffany directly asks Brandi, "What do you think about me?"

For the answer, catch tonight's all-new RHOD. Watch the candid chat in the exclusive clip above.

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