Mario Lopez's Golden Globes Post About Dog Poop Perfectly Sums Up This Past Year

Mario Lopez is celebrating the 2021 Golden Globes on a much different carpet than he did last year. See the hilarious Instagram post below!

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Mario Lopez isn't exactly celebrating the 2021 Golden Globes in style.

The Saved By the Bell star and Access Hollywood co-host took to Instagram on Sunday, Feb. 28 ahead of the 78th annual awards show, sharing a photo of him interviewing Brad Pitt on the bustling red carpet at last year's Golden Globes

The snapshot isn't what drew our attention, though—the hilarious caption did!

As Lopez wrote alongside the post, "Last year at the Golden Globes with Brad Pitt on the red carpet. This year I'm home with my kids cleaning up dog crap on my carpet."

Making the whole thing even funnier was Lopez's perfect hashtags: "#FromBradPittToDogShit" and "#WhatADifferenceAYearMakes."

The actor's followers—including his wife, Courtney Lopez—enjoyed the post just as much as we did. "Be sure to wash your hands after!" she joked. Then there was comedian Josh Wolf, who couldn't help but ask, "Which one is better?"

"Tough call!" Lopez responded. 

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Hey, at least Lopez got a shout-out during co-hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler's opening monologue!

The mention came while the funny friends were explaining the difference between this year's nominees.

"At the Golden Globes, we give out awards for movies and TV, but it's hard to tell them apart this year because movie theaters were closed and we watched everything on our phones," Poehler began. "Now, TV is one that I watch five hours straight but a movie is the one that I don't turn on because it's two hours. I don't want to be in front of my TV for two hours, I want to be in front of the TV one hour, five times."

Other ways to tell the difference? "If their fake teeth look real, that's a movie," Fey explained. "And if their real teeth look fake, that's TV." 

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"If the British actors are playing British people, it's TV," Poehler noted. "If they're playing Americans, it's a movie."

Most importantly: "If you're like, 'Mario Lopez is surprisingly good in this,' that is TV," Fey added.

There you have it!

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