Kevin Can F**k Himself Looks Absolutely F**king Incredible in New Trailer

Annie Murphy takes on the typical sitcom wife in the trailer for AMC's Kevin Can F**k Himself, coming summer 2021.

By Lauren Piester Feb 18, 2021 9:15 PMTags
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Kevin Can F**k Himself is not playing around. 

AMC just released a new trailer for its upcoming dramedy, an ambitious genre-bending show that has been in the works since 2017—right around the time CBS' Kevin Can Wait killed off the wife character, played by Erinn Hayes. If you were hoping to see a sitcom wife get some cathartic revenge on her dopey sitcom husband, it looks like that's exactly what we're in for. 

Schitt's Creek alum Annie Murphy plays Allison, the long-suffering wife of Kevin (Eric Peterson). He's a man who only appears to exist in multi-cam sitcom land, where he jokes about her periods and demands drink refills. 

The trailer shows the vast difference between that sitcom land and Allison's new reality, which is shot in single-cam and finds her making a daring plan to take her life back. 

It's Annie Murphy like we haven't seen her before, which is on purpose. 

"A big thing for me after Schitt's Creek was I was so worried that I was going to kind of get stuck in this like blonde loopy land,  and so I really really wanted to do something significantly different," she said during a virtual TCA panel for the series. "And so, Kevin Can F Himself comes in, like, an absolute 180, and I get to do things like kick over a garbage can angrily and fry an egg angrily and, you know, do cocaine in an alleyway." 

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Murphy was also thrilled about the female creator and the majority female cast and crew, which is all in service of telling a story about the way women have been treated on TV. 

"It was so important to me for my next project to be about something, and about something that's important," Murphy said. "I have seen Allison in so many women in my life—to varying degrees, obviously—but I think that Allison is a character that people are going to be able to really, really identify with, because she has just absorbed so much frustration and so much anger and pushed it down and pushed it down because that's what you're supposed to do as a woman." 


You can watch the trailer below!

Kevin Can F**k Himself will arrive Summer 2021 on AMC. 

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