How Tyler Rich's Romance With Sabina Gadecki Produced Country Music Magic

In an exclusive interview with E! News, Tyler Rich revealed how his new song “Better Than You’re Used To” was inspired by his wife Sabina Gadecki.

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The best love songs can't help but write themselves.

When country singer Tyler Rich started creating music, every lyric wasn't exactly sugar and spice and everything nice. But when his now-wife Sabina Gadecki Rich came into the picture, everything changed.

"I always write about what's happening in my life and the people surrounding my life and I've definitely had a little history of writing breakup songs," Tyler exclusively shared with E! News. "You see some of these country artists come out with every song about their wife and you're like, ‘I don't know if that would ever be me' and then you meet a Sabina and it almost gets to a point of what else would I write about? She inspires me daily on every level."

In fact, Tyler decided to kick off Valentine's Day weekend with a brand-new song called "Better Than You're Used To." 

At first, the 34-year-old artist shared snippets of the song on TikTok. Once the lyrics started resonating with listeners, Tyler's team knew they had to get it out in time for the romantic holiday.

The Greatest Country Music Couples of All Time

"'Better Than You're Used To' is an anthem for everybody that has found love and everybody that needs that right person," Tyler explained. "There's so many broken people who have been treated bad or not treated the way they should have been and this song is a beacon of hope. You deserve to be loved better than you're used to. You deserve to be happy."


Tyler and Sabina's love story began after an unexpected encounter at the Stagecoach Music Festival in 2016. "When I first met her, she was in the middle of a breakup and wasn't necessarily in a place to be hit on," he joked. "I said, that girl deserves better than what she's used to, so I talked to her. The first couple of minutes went well and then she ran away with her friends. Then I had to slide in the DMs so I took it from there." 

While Tyler called Nashville home and Sabina stayed on the West Coast pursuing a career in acting, the pair would end up saying "I do" in September 2019.  And when the coronavirus pandemic hit, the couple was finally able to live together for an extended period of time.

"I really am thankful for this year that I get to stay at home and love my wife even more for who she is," Tyler gushed. "It's the only gem of 2020—the time that we got together and I'm just thankful for the fans who have stuck around."

To celebrate Tyler's new single, keep scrolling to see even more special moments with the country singer and his wife.

Leave Her Wild

"My wife and I have both had interesting relationships and when we met each other, we both knew we deserved love better than what we had in the past and we were lucky enough to find it in each other," Tyler Rich told E! News when celebrating the release of "Better Than You're Used To," his latest hit. "I use her and our relationship as an endless, constant, supply of muse." 

Couple Goals

If there's a duo in Hollywood, Tyler looks up to, it has to be Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman. "He's just my favorite and I think his love songs and his delivery are on point," Tyler shared. "I love that his wife is an actress. He loves the hell out of her and is just obsessed with her so it's something we aspire to be."

Model Couple

While Sabina Gadecki is an actress and Tyler is a musician, the pair trusts and supports each other with whatever projects come up. "She has to deal with interesting meet and greets and interesting people in the crowd sometimes. I've got to deal with her making out with random dudes in movies," Tyler joked. "We completely understand each other and it's helped us. It's 100% support and we are each other's biggest supporters every day and every aspect of work and life."

Future Reality TV Stars?

As fans continue to fall in love with the couple on social media, the question is: Would this pair ever consider reality TV? "That is a question we get all week, every week," Tyler told E! News in February 2021. "It's something we talk about a lot. It's not something we're actively pursuing but definitely something in the back of our minds. If an opportunity popped up, we'd for sure consider a fun and interesting way to grow our careers." 

Perfect Match

"I met this man (that makes my toes curl) at a perfect time in my life," Sabina shared on Instagram. "I had to do a whole lotta healing, and soul searching, before I was whole enough to love somebody in a way they deserved to be loved. It's true what they say, you can't pour from an empty cup. So, remember, you need to love yourself first." 

Let the Sparks Fly

"Thanks for being you. Thanks for letting me be me," Sabina wrote on social media when celebrating the Fourth of July. "You got a cute face. I love yuh. That's all." 

Making Memories

"We started our 40 hour journey along #route66. We'll be spending about 4 weeks between PA and MA, with my mom and Sab's family," Tyler wrote on Instagram back in December 2020. "We're never off work this long, so why not go and see the country, and one of the most iconic highways of all time." 

Modern Family

For Tyler and Sabina, life isn't complete without their rescue dogs, including 15-year-old Max. 

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