Drew Barrymore and Jimmy Fallon’s Mad Lib Theater Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

During an interview with Jimmy Fallon, Drew Barrymore played a game of Mad Lib Theater that somehow involved Justin Bieber and Will Ferrell. Keep scrolling for the hilarious scene.

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Drew Barrymore and Jimmy Fallon are the ultimate dream team!

On Tuesday, Feb. 2, the Charlie's Angel star took a break from her daytime show, The Drew Barrymore Show, to hang out on The Tonight Show.

During her visit, she and the late-night host played a round of Mad Lib Theater, where Drew tossed out a bunch of random nouns, verbs and adjectives while Jimmy filled them into a mysterious scenario. After Drew's mad dash to say all of the random words in her head, the duo acted out her outrageous answers.

The impromptu scene was set in a "silly" meditation studio with Jimmy beginning with the line, "I'm your guide, Justin Bieber." Following by Drew adding, "And I'm Kitty Mitty."

As the scene progressed, the star's earlier answers revealed themselves in even more hilarious and random ways. "As you sit, take a few deep breaths, breathing in through your Adam's apple," Jimmy advised, "and out through your nipple."

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Drew jumped in with, "You hear the sound of Heart playing as you sense someone walking toward you. As they get closer, you see it's Will Ferrell." Then Jimmy added, "For one billion years, you sit staring at each other until they stand up and whisper, ‘If I can't have you, I don't want nobody, baby.'"

Towards the end of the scene they echoed the following affirmation to each other: "I am fluffy. I am freaky. I will stop fearing kiwis."

Outside of their super zen Mad Lib meditation, Drew also chatted with Jimmy about her own talk show and the interviews she's enjoyed. The list included Drew's surprising and heartwarming conversation she had with her ex-husband, comedian Tom Green, which she explained was a completely off-the-cuff interview.

"I had an offline conversation with him because we didn't want it to be some bougie Hollywood moment like, ‘Let's reconnect in front of the cameras,'" she recalled. "But that said, I was, like, you know—the thing I love about Tom was he is one of the first people to have put a camera on his life, you know, when it was a giant, fat camcorder and there were no easy phone available. His stuff was on VHS tapes."

She continued, "And so it's what gave me the idea, because I just said, ‘Gosh, would you want to, you know, kind of reconnect? I feel like it's been a long time and I would just love to honor what you did. You broke down all these doors. You are a pioneer. I would love to talk about it and have it be an excuse for us to say hello.' That's the tone. I sent him a video. And then he sent me one back and immediately he made me laugh and that's like my kryptonite."

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