Mariah Carey Sued for $1.25 Million By Her Sister for “Distress” Caused By Memoir

Alison Carey is suing her sister Mariah Carey for $1.25 million, claiming the singer made "cruel and outrageous" allegations about their relationship in her 2020 memoir, The Meaning of Mariah.

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Mariah Carey's sister Alison Carey is suing the singer for $1.25 million, claiming she intentionally caused her "emotional distress" and "public humiliation," according to documents obtained by E! News.

In the lawsuit, Alison alleges she suffered from "horrific abuse" when Mariah wrote about their purportedly strained relationship in her memoir, The Meaning of Mariah.

The Feb. 1 suit claims Alison was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and depression as a result of the memoir, which was published in September 2020.

She takes issue with a chapter called "Dandelion Tea," which details an alleged incident from decades ago, when Alison was 20 and Mariah was 12 years old.

The "Always Be My Baby" singer wrote in the book, "My sister drugged me with Valium, offered me a pinky nail full of cocaine, inflicted me with third-degree burns, and tried to sell me out to a pimp." Mariah claimed, "Something in me was arrested by all that trauma. That is why I often say, 'I'm eternally twelve.' I am still struggling through that time." 

Bombshells from Mariah Carey's Memoir

Alison disputes the incident, and her lawsuit calls the accusations "cruel and outrageous." 

Furthermore, the musician said she no longer has contact with her siblings, calling Alison "my ex-sister" and her brother Morgan Carey "my ex-brother," which Alison believes to be "callously" dismissive. 

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The lawsuit alleges Mariah "used her status as a public figure to attack her penniless sister, generating sensational headlines describing her lurid claims to promote sales of her book." It reads, "[Mariah] used her book to humiliate and embarrass [Alison] as stories about the memoir appeared in newspapers around the world, on TV and across the Internet."

She accuses Mariah of publishing the book without giving Alison a chance to respond, knowing Alison was already "profoundly and permanently damaged" because their mother Patricia Carey forced her to attend "terrifying" satanic worship meetings in the middle of the night as a pre-teen. The practices allegedly included ritual sacrifices and sexual activity, leaving Alison in a vulnerable state.

Alison has become "uncharacteristically tearful since the publication of [Mariah's] book and now struggles, after a long time clean, with alcohol abuse," per the suit.

Mariah's rep has not returned requests for comment.

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