Brandon Thomas Lee Confronts Alleged Intruder With a Golf Club in Expletive-Filled Video

The Hills: New Beginnings' Brandon Thomas Lee shared footage of himself yelling at a man who he claims had broken into his home.

By Ryan Gajewski Jan 26, 2021 10:32 PMTags
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Brandon Thomas Lee is sharing footage from a tense moment.

The 24-year-old star of The Hills: New Beginnings posted a video to Instagram on Monday, Jan. 25 that shows him engaged in an expletive-filled argument with a man who is standing in front of a parked van. Brandon alleged in the caption that the man had entered his home without permission, leading the son of Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson to pick up a golf club, which can be seen as he holds it in the footage.

"This guy full on BROKE INTO MY HOUSE and then sneaks up on me in my kitchen, starts screaming at me, and after tries to tell me that he thought I was a lawyer he knew," Brandon wrote. "so I had to show him my good ol 7 iron."

During the heated exchange, Brandon told the man, "If you ever come to my house again, I'm going to beat your f--king skull in. What's wrong with you? Get the f--k out here. You f--king just walk into my front door? You don't even know who the f--k I am."

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At this, the alleged intruder replied, "Dude, I thought you were the lawyer that I know."

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This answer incensed Brandon, who fired back, "Do I look like a f--king lawyer? Get the f--k out of here. What the f--k is wrong with you?"

The individual appears to finally get into the vehicle, but not before adding, "I thought the lawyer was still there. He was there a year ago." 

Brandon did not specify whether the police were involved in the alleged incident. E! News contacted the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department, and the lieutenant on duty did not yet have record of deputies responding to the MTV star's most current address. Requests for comment from Brandon's team went unanswered. 

A number of Brandon's friends and loved ones commented on the post, including his dad, Tommy. "minutes away from bein on the news!!!" the Motley Crue drummer wrote. 

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