Kylie Jenner's Daughter Stormi Webster Steals the Show in Adorable Christmas Video

Kylie Jenner shared a video showing her and daughter Stormi Webster giving a tour of their home adorned with lavish Christmas decorations. Watch the adorable footage.

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Kylie Jenner is sharing her ode to the joy of Stormi Webster's third Christmas as she passes down precious family traditions to her daughter.

On Friday, Christmas Day—a day after the 23-year-old makeup mogul and her little girl celebrated Christmas Eve with her family, Kylie posted on her YouTube page a video tour of her and the 2 year old's home, highlighting their 2020 holiday decor. Among the items are family heirlooms. In the footage, Stormi steals the show, wishing viewers a "Merry Christmas," singing and showcasing her adorable smile as she admires the lavish decor.

"So my mom keeps everything," Kylie says in the video about mother Kris Jenner. "There are the elves that I've had since I was born. I want Stormi to grow up with everything I grew up with. Also this little sign I had when I was born."

She then displays one of her and Stormi's Christmas trees, adorned with Christopher Radko ornaments of Santa Clauses, reindeer and other holiday staples, some of which she bought second-hand. In the video, one of the decorations, a white robot, catches Stormi's attention. She then adorably imitates a robot voice, saying, "I'm a robot."

Kylie and Stormi later share a tight hug. She told her daughter, "I love you," to which the child responds, "Love you too."

Kardashian-Jenner Family Celebrates Christmas 2020

"My mom had a set of these," Kylie says about the ornaments. "Growing up, every year we had the same tree. We had a green tree with all of these ornaments on here. Last year, someone was selling their Christopher Radko collection, so I bought the whole collection and I bought even more this year because I want a collection on my own."

Kylie tells viewers that Kris won't share her collection with her, so she had to buy her own. She adds, "My mom is actually living with me right now, so I wanted to surprise her with a tree that we grew up with and I want Stormi to experience this. I love them. They're all different and just so cute and festive and it just reminds me of my childhood."

In August, Kris sold her Hidden Hills, Calif. mansion for $15 million. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians matriarch and manager also owns various other properties in California.

In the video, Kylie also shows off colorful Christmas stockings with names embroiled on them—her's, Stormi's, Kris' and boyfriend Corey Gamble's.

"My mom always made Christmas so special for all of us," Kylie says. "I just wanted to do the same for Stormi."

Kylie later shows off festive life-size polar bears, a large Santa Claus and gingerbread house and another giant Christmas tree, one flocked with large, custom white and beige ball ornaments to match the room. Both trees were designed by Jeff Leatham.

The room also has another fireplace with two white fluffy stockings bearing Kylie and Stormi's names hanging on the mantel.

"This is me. And this is Mommy," Stormi says, before launching into a sweet rendition of "Jingle Bells."

Earlier this month, Kylie posted images of her Christmas decorations on Instagram. See them below:

Stormi's Third Christmas

Kylie and daughter Stormi Webster show off their Christmas decorations in a YouTube video.

Earth Tones

Kylie's 2020 Christmas tree is decorated in white lights and neutral ornament colors.

North Pole in SoCal

Life-size polar bears are posed in front of a second Christmas tree.

Elf of a Shelf

Kylie's daughter Stormi will undoubtedly be excited to see her Elf on a Shelf.

By the Fire

Kylie's fireplace features two white stockings in front of a white Santa figurine.

Picture Perfect Palm Tree

Outside by her pool, Kylie's palm trees shine bright covered in white Christmas lights.

Flocked & Fabulous

A closer look at Kylie's flocked tree shows white, tan and beige ornaments to match her living room decor.

Merry Christmas

The giant tree is the perfect centerpiece for her jaw-dropping living room.

Family Love

Kylie poses with Caitlyn Jenner in front of her gorgeous tree. "What an amazing Christmas wonderland you created," Cait wrote on IG.

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