2020 in Review: Vote for the Celebrity Transformations You Can't Stop Thinking About

From the new celeb hair 'dos to their fresh ink, we know you've got thoughts on the biggest transformations of 2020. Now's your chance to share them.

By Billy Nilles Dec 22, 2020 2:30 PMTags
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Yes, 2020 was a painful year, but through it all, pop culture had our back. From the TV shows that kept us company to the songs that kept us sane to the social media trends that kept us laughing and the celebs who kept us guessing, it was the multi-faceted world of entertainment that had us pushing forward through even the darkest of days. And we know you feel the same. 

Before we kick this year to the curb, E! News wants to hear from you, dear reader. What were the moments you couldn't stop obsessing over this year? The news that brightened up even the most monotonous of weeks? Through the end of December, we invite you to make your voice heard by voting for things that mattered most. (In celebrity-land, that is.) Let's send out 2020 in style—and then never look back.

Our 2020 in Review series turns its attention now to celebrity transformations. And, boy, were there plenty of them.

Over the course of four polls, you'll get to weigh in which star's new hair 'do left you reeling and who kept you feeling the fitspo throughout quarantine. (Not that keeping yourself glued to your couch throughout much of the year wasn't a perfectly acceptable way to live. We all coped with 2020 differently.) And we know you have thoughts on all the fresh celeb ink. There were so. many. face. tattoos.

Celebrity At-Home Hair Transformations

Of course, not all transformations were strictly physical. In a year full of social upheaval, many celebrities either revealed themselves to be budding activists or pushed themselves to be even more vocal than ever before. And we invite you to sound off on all those who inspired you, too.

But don't delay—you've only got three days to be a part of the fun. These polls officially close at 11:59 p.m. PST Thursday, Dec. 24, with the final set arriving that same day.

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2020 in Review: Celeb Hair

The new celeb hair that made you do a double take:
Joe Jonas' hot pink hair
Miley Cyrus' pixie mullet
Tiffany Haddish's shaved head
JoJo Siwa’s blink-and-you-missed-it brunette dye job
Demi Lovato’s edgy undercut
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2020 in Review: Quarantine Fitspo

The celeb who gave you fitsporation throughout quarantine:
Rebel Wilson
Peter Facinelli
Kumail Nanjiani
Tia Mowry
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2020 in Review: Inspiring Activism

The star whose activism left you inspired:
Porsha Williams
Billie Eilish
Kendrick Sampson
Meghan Markle
Michael B. Jordan
Keke Palmer
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2020 in Review: Fresh Ink

The star whose new tattoo you're still not over:
Justin Bieber’s latest neck tattoo
Chris Evans’ tatted torso
Post Malone’s skeleton on his skull
Amber Rose’s forehead ink
Presley Gerber’s “misunderstood” cheek
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Be sure to check back on Tuesday, Dec. 29, when we'll share the results!

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