Grey's Anatomy and Station 19 Got Dark in Their Midseason Finales

Meredith Grey is sicker than ever, two firefighters are under arrest and things are dire on Grey's Anatomy and Station 19.

By Lauren Piester Dec 18, 2020 3:00 AMTags

Don't you just love that uneasy feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when Grey's Anatomy and Station 19 end with multiple faves in serious danger? 

Just kidding, it's actually horrible, especially when we know neither show is coming back until March. March! That's more than three months away! 

Everything on both shows is currently in a state of distress. People are very sick, people have been arrested, people are chasing after human traffickers, and we've got to wait until March to find out what happens. Sure, you could argue that March is alarmingly close considering that it's the one year anniversary of the pandemic hitting the U.S., but it's alarmingly far away when you consider having to wait until then for your favorite TV shows to come back. 

Anyway, we've got a couple of upsetting cliffhangers to talk about after tonight's crossover midseason finale, so strap yourselves in. 

Grey's Anatomy and Station 19 Couples Status Check

First, on Station 19, Gibson (Grey Damon) finally got some, and then things went really south.

The episode took place while the team was off duty, with everyone gathering for a party at Maya's (Danielle Savre) place. Before the party, Gibson was still keeping Inara (Colleen Foy) company and she finally told him that instead of sleeping on the couch, he should sleep in her bed...with her. They finally both kissed and slept together and had an adorably awkward moment before he left for the party. 

Unfortunately, the party was not much of a party, and the rest of the episode involved a lot less kissing and a lot more dangerous tension. The team heard a woman around the corner from Maya's place yelling for help, and obviously they went running despite not being on duty. They found a Black mother screaming that her daughter and a friend were being held hostage in a white man's house, and the man refused to let anyone inside, claiming the woman was harassing him. 

The woman had tracked her daughter's FitBit to this house and was just sure she was in there, so the team was trying to quell the situation until the police got there. 

When the police arrived, they revealed they were there to deal with the woman, not the potentially kidnapped girls, and the off-duty firefighters needed to get off the scene. Then a fire conveniently started in the basement of the man's house, and Dean (Okieriete Onaodowan) and Sullivan (Boris Kodjoe) took it upon themselves to go inside on a rescue mission. They found two girls locked in a room in the basement and managed to heroically carry them out of the house. 


The problem was that the man was saying the girls trespassed and set fire to his house, and the girls fully admitted to setting the fire to get them rescued, and it all ended with Sullivan and Dean getting arrested along with the mother for assaulting a police officer and entering the house when they were off-duty. 

While Jackson (Jesse Williams) bailed the mother out as soon as he found out what happened on Grey's Anatomy, Sullivan and Dean's future is a little more uncertain. Barrett Doss, who plays Vic, says that ending is putting everyone in a "very vulnerable position." 

"Obviously Sullivan and Dean are dealing with the immediate trauma of this experience of a violent arrest and the other characters are witnessing it, in addition, of course, to the actual call which [involved] sexual violence and the abduction of young Black women," Doss says. "It wasn't just any scene. It was already a charged, emotional call to be on. We don't just have to fight against the elements or the fire or the actual danger of the situation—we are also fighting against the people who are supposed to be helping us." 

However this plays out, it's going to have a major impact on everyone. 

"The processing of this experience is going to fundamentally change our characters and their relationship to each other and to our job as first responders," Doss says. "And of course, Dixon works for the police department now...we are in new territory with our team." 

Dixon (Pat Healy) is the former fire chief who made everyone's lives miserable last season. He should have been fired for accepting bribes, but instead he got moved back to PD and he definitely has it out for station 19. 

Basically, if you thought perhaps Station 19 would go back to tigers and drag queens, you're out of luck. 

Station 19's Barrett Doss Warns Of "Traumatic" Midseason Finale

"Grey's has been incredibly heavy this season, and I think we've been toying with some of the lighter parts of COVID [even as] everyone's gone through their own trauma," Doss says. "But going into the second half of the season, I think it's going to get a lot heavier. We'll be asking some pretty serious and deep questions with our show about do you manage to fight for what you believe in and also do the job that you signed up to do, if those things are in conflict." 

Speaking of Grey's Anatomy and things getting serious, Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) is once again very, very sick. She appeared to be getting better and had the chance to chat with everyone, hang out with Tom (Greg Germann) and even save a man's life in a neighboring room, but then suddenly she got a whole lot worse and is now in a coma and being put on a ventilator. 

We can't imagine Meredith will die this way, but she's certainly not getting out of this without lasting effects. Last we saw of her (until March!) she was back on the beach, all alone. 


Meanwhile, Schmitt (Jake Borelli) discovered a lady looking confused and very curious about all the activity surrounding the man who had those girls in his house on Station 19, and of course we recognized her as the woman who brought in the sick girl last season who turned out to be a trafficking victim. 

She and DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti), who essentially had a mental breakdown because of this woman last season, nearly crossed paths a couple of heart-racing times until he finally spotted her across the parking lot at the end of the episode. Carina (Stefania Spampinato) refused to let him go alone, so the DeLuca siblings took off after the woman together. 

And still, Grey Sloan had to go into overdrive and turn a cafeteria into a COVID ward and the pandemic plus the kidnapping of two Black girls sent Maggie (Kelly McCreary) into meltdown mode.

It was, all in all, an incredibly stressful night of television and did not leave us with much optimism to tide us over until both shows return in 2021, though maybe by March the world will be a little brighter and so will TV. 

Grey's Anatomy and Station 19 air on ABC. 

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